About Us

About Us

The Mellinger family has been directly activein World Trade/Mail Order for nearly 90 years! Starting with GreatGrandfather Louis G. Mellinger, our family has directed the flow ofmillions of dollars of goods to buyers through the mails and over theInternet. The Mellinger family plays a key role in making World Trade,Mail Order and Ecommerce a career for ambitious men and women all overthe world!

Through Tradezone.com we offer the World Trade Community freeservices to help promote products and services. Bringing the buyer andseller together has been our primary focus for decades. We have beenactively involved with the Internet since 1995 and will continue to doso for many years to come.

The Mellinger Co. has helped thousands of people start and run theirown Import Export Mail Order business. This program provides expertguidance in the field of World Trade and provides many resources forthe business entrepreneur. International Traders is our membership baseof import exporters that we work directly with to provide manyinternational trade services. One of our primary focuses withInternational Traders is to put buyers and sellers together to conductthe business of World Trade.

If you are visiting this site for the first time we encourage you tovisit The Trade Lead Zone and our International Trade Lead BulletinBoard. These services are free for both buyers and sellers. If you areinterested in our International Traders Program, and need assistancewith an Import Export Mail Order Business, please visit the informationprovided on Tradezone.com on how to become an IT Member.

Suppliers, high search engine ranking is important to everyone activelyinvolved in Global Trade Ecommerce. We work hard on our search enginerankings so that your products and services get the best exposurepossible on our site. We will do our best to point buyers to yourcompany.

If you have any questions about our products or services or needassistance with your experience at Tradezone.com please contact usthrough the links provided on this site.

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