Book 1 Contents

Section One:

Welcome To World Trade / Mail Order:
How you will profit in World Trade, You will enjoy new opportunities, How World Trade makes you independent, Live and work where you wish, Work when and how you will, World Trade offers you security, World Trade brings satisfaction, Adventure in World Trade, Trade brings higher living standards, World Trade brings peace, How the Plan gets you started, Get off to a fast start, Description of the Plan, The Visualizer Kit, Free Consultation Service, Membership in International Traders, Free subscription to Trade Opportunities magazine, Trade Agreement Catalogs book, More good stuff in the Catalogs book, Your World Trade tool kit, How to use the Plan, Enjoy your first reading of the Plan, Share the Plan. Answers to Most Often-Asked Questions.

Section Two:

How To Make Money With Imports / Mail Order:
Sales come first, Profit secret, Imports are easy sellers, Quantity builds bigger profits, Suppliers' low markup, Mandates high quantity deals, Capital is easy to get, Self-discipline: A business virtue, Be your own taskmaster, How to get started in World Trade / Mail Order, Keep your overhead down, Drop shipping saves capital, Buy below wholesale, What is "wholesale"?, Choosing your product, New products sell best, Searching for the new product, Rock-bottom costs, Testing your product, Markup for profit, Buy in large quantities, Size of order, Price per unit, Try for editorial mention "ads", How to approach editors, Ways to get started, Direct selling methods, Selling to family and friends, Organizations, Success stories, Becoming more involved, Sell to local markets, Seasonal advice, Selling at swap meets, Selling premium or "give-away" items, Minding the store, Indirect selling methods, Selling from your ad, Selling by catalog, Selling by direct mail, Selling through direct salesmen.

Section Three:

How To Import-Background:
Laying foundations, Why we import, We need imports, Without imports: bare shelves, The unseen imports, We desire imports, Low prices are like magnets, Balancing the scales, Good reasons for importing, Imports classified by price, Penny items bring in dollars, When to get a sample import, How to get a sample at the quantity price, Free samples, Low-priced imports, Regular priced imports, Established world prices, Luxury goods, Imports classed by market, Stylish imports, New twists to old ideas, Your new product bulletin, International fairs, Novelties make good Mail Order sellers, The quality market, False ideas about quality, The emergency import, Imports classed by use, Imported raw materials, Import staples, Imported specialties, Know your supplier, Tips on bargaining with your supplier, Trade Agreement suppliers are preselected, Worldwide friendships, We make no commission, Who can import and export, When to get your business license, Use your past experience, Use present interests, Your first import opportunity.

Section Four:

Story Of An Import Deal:
A new trade lead, A letter of inquiry, The market survey, Deciding how to sell, Start from the beginning, Where to find Trade Leads, Department of Commerce, Foreign Trade Commissions, Foreign Chambers of Commerce In the U.S., Chambers of Commerce in foreign countries, Other sources of Trade Leads, Product Research Program, Pursuing a Trade Lead: Be specific, A postal aid: the IRC, When your answer comes, Ordering samples, How to pay for samples, Allow sufficient mailing time, When your sample arrives, Making a market survey, Test shopping, Check magazines, Consider all sales methods, Placing your order, The Drop Ship order, A question of duty, The conventional order, Telling suppliers how to ship from abroad, Shipping your cargo: weigh your options, Ordering a small stock of goods via parcel post, Ordering large ocean freight shipments, Customs Broker, More about your orders, Placing your Drop Ship order, Packing on Drop Ship orders, Supplying labels for Drop Shipments, Ordering for Drop Shipment, Paying for Drop Ship orders, Insuring your Drop Shipments, Avoid nuisance orders.

Section Five:

How To Import-Continued:
What lies behind the laws, Laws create red tape, How to stay clear of technicalities, Licensed Customs Brokers, Services your Broker renders, A Broker's ethics, Fees charged by a Customs Broker, Some Brokers do double service, Add-ons to product cost, United States Customs requirements, Duty on parcel post shipments, Origin mark, Inspection, Invoicing imported goods, Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988, How importers use the numbers, Canadian Free Trade Agreement, United States Customs procedure, Customs entries, Declaration of the Consignee, Customs bonds, Payment of duty, Liquidation, Release of merchandise from Customs, Shipments in bond, Consolidated shipments, How to determine duty, Treasury decisions, Other regulations, Basis of appraisal, Foreign government controls, Reciprocal trade agreements, Powers limited, Other agencies cooperate, Relation to world economy, Trade Expansion Act of 1962, Time to sell.

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