Book 2 Contents

Section Six:

How To Sell Your Imports For Big Profits:
How to make money in Mail Order, What is the Mail Order business, Advertising, Record keeping, Importing gives you Best Mail Order products, How big is your Mail Order market?, Getting your profitable start in Mail Order, The four basic Mail Order methods, Concentrate on methods #1 and #2, Advantages of selling from the ad, Advantages of selling by mail follow-up to inquiries, Steps in creating and running a Mail Order ad, What is an advertising agency and what does it do for you?, The advertising agency team you may work with, What kind of advertising agency?, How an advertising agency can help you, Any extra charges?, When do you need an advertising agency?, How to find and choose an advertising agency, How to work with your advertising agency, When, Where, And how to run your Mail Order ads, Partial list of prime Mail Order media, General interest publications, Typical special interest magazines.

Section Seven Part 1:

How To Write Copy For Mail Order Ads & Literature:
What is a Mail Order ad? Background information on sparking Mail Order interest and structuring your advertising properly, How to write headlines, Write in language your reader can understand, Writing classified ads.

Section Seven Part 2:

How To Make Ad Layouts & Select Type:
Fundamentals of layout, assembly and Mail Order ad preparations, Rough layout samples and actual ad samples from rough to finished form, Comments about selection of type in Mail Order ads, Use of hand-lettering in ads and folders, Pictures in Mail Order advertising, How the camera can make headlines, How to fit your ad into the layout, Border or no border, The importance of layout.

Section Eight:

Selling Imports By Direct Mail:
Direct mail: what is it?, Guidelines to planning Direct Mail, Classes of mail available for advertisers, The statement of mailing form, Envelopes to use in bulk mail, Returns and nixies, Forwards and corrections, Pre-stamping bulk mail, Improved mailing efficiency, Priorities of bulk mail, Stop your mail when Christmas comes, Postal rate to use for your test, When to mail, How to test your mailings, How many names make a good test?, Setting up your sample list to test, Testing several lists at the same time, Testing your literature, Benefits of testing, How to test sales literature, Record-keeping a must, Some factors to consider in List results evaluation, Keying for success, Testing for time of mailing, Making up your Direct Mail pieces, More about advertising copy, Pick on specific words, Getting your message across, Holding down costs, The product folder or brochure, What goes into a Direct Mail folder, Using the local instant press for a single piece, When to include an order blank, When to use self-mailers, A brief review of card deck advertising.

Section Nine:

Highly Profitable Ways To Make Money With Imports:
Direct selling: Let others sell your imports for you, Finding the import for direct selling, Recruiting salespeople, Two kinds of ads for recruiting salespeople, Checklist for your classified ads, What about Direct Mail for recruiting salespeople?, Your Direct Mail recruiting package, Where to find selected mailing lists, What salespeople want, Keep your recruiting program going, Responses to your ad, Answering the inquiry, Follow up your inquiry, Acknowledge every order, Give quantity order salespeople special treatment, Follow up the quantity order, Promotional help, The sales kit, Limit the time of special offers, Profiting in the flea market, What kind of products do well in flea market selling?, How to get into flea market moneymaking, Cart marketing, Wholesaling, Rack and counter card route sales, Wagon-jobbing-route sales, Gift shop, Fund raising, Premium sales, Telemarketing, Imports as advertising specialties, So many ways to make money with your import products!

Section Ten Part 1:

Let the experts do it, How to get ready to keep books, Your business bank account, Four rules of record keeping, Banking by computer, Checkless banking, Picking computer hardware, Standard accessories, Buying new hardware, Software solution, Buying name-brand software, Buying public domain or shareware, Finding freeware, Copyrighted shareware, Sources of low-cost programs, Buy shareware by mail, Finding freebie software, Downloading from national wire services, Choosing software for World Trade, Using special business applications, Where to find inventory programs, Programs for tax planning and preparation, How a (loss) reduces your tax bill, Deduct direct costs, Overhead expenses, Mixed expenses, Timing your deductions, Writing off an asset: depreciation, Schedule C summary, Take all deductions available, Keeping records for ad results, Stepping up to computers, Types of record keeping software, Using lists and labels, Where to find label programs, Using database programs, Spreadsheet versus database, Judging your mailing list performance, Factors in list evaluation, Evaluation steps illustrated, Comparing key factors.

Section Ten Part 2:

How to communicate with the world, Translation: don't do it yourself, Foreign addresses, What medium to use, Spoken versus written words, Graphic benefits, Making media choices, Look at the high-tech media, Understanding computer fax, How computers talk to each other, Confirm your cable and phone messages, Using the computer for writing, Where to find writing software, Using the special-purpose word writer, Choosing your printing tool, The IRC: a postal aid, What stationery to use, Printed business stationery, Good letter format, Write in style, Don't lose the personal touch.
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