Book 3 Contents

Section Eleven:

Pricing For Profit:
What is markup, Rule #1: Markup is based on cost, Rule #2: Markup is expressed in terms of sales price, Amazing device profit computer, Three steps to sales price, Smaller prices for larger sales, Fixed expenses make for quantity savings, Building your own step-schedule, Pricing for sales below the consumer level, Pricing for the retailer, Selling the distributor, Price structuring starts at the consumer level, Many unhappy returns, You may have to make sales allowances, Employee discounts, Rubber checks, Testing for price, Caution: Keep other factors constant, Human factors in pricing, Bargain or dud, Does your product look the price?, How goes the economy, Switching to exports, Pricing your exports, Step #1: Finding your cost, The export analysis sheet, Step #2: Figuring the markup, The knife-edge of competition, Supply and demand, Long profits on special buys, Continuous market survey, Step #3: Making the quotation, Price is not everything, If you fail to get the order, Defining terms of delivery, More thoughts on the profit margin.

Section Twelve:

World Trade Banking:
The bank as your working partner, International banking, Services you can use, Working with an International banking office, Working with a small-town bank, How banks serve the importer, Methods of payment, Letters of Credit, Irrevocable/revocable Letter of Credit, Confirmed Letter of Credit, Back-to-back Letter of Credit, Transferable Letter of Credit, How the importer opens a Letter of Credit, The Draft, Role of the bank, Claims and disputes, Credit rating of the importer, How banks serve the exporter, How the exporter gets a Letter of Credit, The Draft, Your buyer's credit standing, What makes a good credit customer, The credit investigation, Collection of overdue accounts, Financial support for exports, Behind-the-scenes help, Role of the Eximbank, How to get a Government-supported export loan, What the Eximbank requires, Suppose your bank says no, Direct loans from the Eximbank, Recent developments, Help yourself, A paperwork dragon.

Section Thirteen:

Handling Your Goods:
The Merchant and his goods, Receiving imported goods, Inspect for damages, Checking the goods, The right amount of goods, The right kind of goods, Keeping stock records, Handling your goods, Safeguarding your stock, Security under your own roof, Likely home storage areas, If you must rent space, Shipping goods to your customers, Billing your customer, How to build a name list, When to bill your customer, Packing your goods for shipment, Finding packing supplies, Farming out your packing job, How to find foreign packing services, Ways of making shipments to your customers, Domestic shipments, Trucks in flux, Computer recruiter, Factors for comparing shippers, Test is best, Good weigh to go, Customer calls the shots, Breaking up your shipment, North/South of the border, Practical tips for UPS, The Bill of Lading, Insuring your shipments, Handling returns, refunds and repairs, What to do with returned goods, Returns from wholesale customers, Returned units on your stock card, When you scrap returned goods, When you send goods back to your supplier, Customer repairs and adjustments under warranty, How to set up a repair facility, How to profit on repairs, Handling goods for export, When do you take title to export goods, Shipping goods abroad, Freight Forwarder.

Section Fourteen

Getting Started In Export:
Small exporters play big role, Ways of exporting, The District Export Council, Information on overseas markets, Information on specific industries, Export controls and licenses, Counseling by the Small Business Administration, Department of Agriculture, State Governments, Commercial banks, World Trade clubs, Chamber of Commerce, American Chambers of Commerce abroad, Trade Associations, Freelance consultants, Custom Statistical Service, International Market Research (IMR), Product Market Profiles (PMP), Comparison Shopping Service, Country market profiles, Other doc services, Agent/Distributor Services (a/ds), Checking on your buyer, Advertising in foreign countries, Trade shows and missions, Certified Trade Fair Program, Foreign-buyer program, Trade Mission Program, U.S. Specialized Trade Mission, Export Mailing List Service (EMLS), State and municipal agencies, Eximbank, Exporting farm products, Export management companies, Export trading companies, Credit and collection agencies, Help in collection, Money-exchange services, United States Export Control, The general license, The validated license, How to ship under a general license, Shipping under a validated license, Stela by starlight, Sources of Marketing research: Bibliography, Product/industry data, Country data, Sources of Trade Leads, Ways to find export customers, Trade Opportunities magazine, Other publications with Trade Leads, U.S. Department of Commerce District Offices.

Section Fifteen:

How To Export-Handling Quotes & Orders:
An offer to sell, Make your offer exact, When to quote, Where inquiries come from, What to do about inquiries, Read the inquiry carefully, What is needed to quote, Handling the vague inquiry, Vague wanted-to-buy notices, The credit check, How to quote, Approximate shipping date, Terms of delivery, What to look for, Is the price right?, Check payment terms, Check buyer's credit, Check shipping terms, Check description of goods, Check insurance, Partial shipments allowed, Note required markings, Acknowledge the order, On acceptance of the order, Things to come, Read no further-Reference only, Forward, General notes of caution, Definitions of quotations, (I) EX (point of origin), (II) F.O.B. (free on board), (III) F.A.S. (free alongside), F.A.S. Vessel (named port of shipment), (IV) C.& F. (cost and freight), C.& F. (named point of destination) (V) C.I.F. (cost, insurance, freight), C.I.F. (named point of destination), (VI) EX dock (named port of importation).
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