Book 4 Contents

Section Sixteen:

How To Export-Handling The Order:
Let an expert help you, Think about sales first, Packing for protection, Experts cut perils of travel, Loading and unloading, Pilferage, Other hazards, Packaging in use, Packing tips, Effect of packing on foreign duties, Consider your customer, How to mark packages, Advice on packing and marking, A better way: containerization, Transportation illustration, Revolution or evolution?, Pros and cons of containers, How can containerization help?, How much cost saving?, Speedy arrival delights your customer, Computers direct traffic, Lost and found department, Benefits for the small exporter, Export documents, Three basic documents, The insurance policy, The open policy, Review your policy, Other documents, Export licenses, The destination control statement, Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988, More help for exporters, Export licensing requirements eased, Metric system in place, Office of metric programs, Using the Harmonized System, Purpose of the Harmonized System, Structure of Schedule B, How to handle the numbers, Schedule B has two volumes, How to find commodity numbers, Filling out the Shipper's Export Declaration, Exemption from filing the SED, Alternative to the SED, Other shortcuts, Certificates of Origin, Inspection certificates, Sanitary certificates, Receipts, Parcel receipts, Certificate of manufacture, Insurance certificates, How to avoid paperwork, Kinds of Forwarders, Finding a Freight Forwarder, Selecting transport, Shipping by steamer, Booking your cargo, Basis for freight rates, Parcel post shipments, Sealing packages, Undelivered parcels, Exports subject to foreign duty, Using air express, Exports by rail, Shipments to Canada or Mexico, Arrival at foreign port, Responsibility, Responsibilities of your customer, Refusal of shipment, Problems in collecting, Assistance overseas, Help at home, Writing to Consular offices.

Section Seventeen:

Advertising Abroad:
Why advertise abroad?, Plan your campaign, Who will buy, How to reach him, What makes him buy, How much to spend, Where to find the answers, Picking the medium, Foreign or domestic media, Professional help, Getting into action, Creating good copy, Translation sandtraps, Where to find translating help, Pick pictures with care, Proof your ad, Ad samples, Keep control over advertising, Sharing advertising expenses, Mechanics of foreign advertising, Media suggestions for the beginner, Finding an ad agency, Sample ads, Local newspapers and foreign magazines, Sending samples abroad, Keeping ad records, Who pays for your ads, How to sign up representatives, Case history: Working through representatives, It pays to advertise, Representatives Application Form.

Section Eighteen:

Traveling Abroad:
Chance of a lifetime, For the International Trader Member traveler, Purposes of World Trade travel, Meet your suppliers, Meet new suppliers, Meet your customers, Visit your Consul, Contact sales representatives, Attend business events, Planning your trip, Notifying suppliers, Stick to your schedule, Watch out for foreign holidays, Make sure of hotel reservations, Act the seasoned traveler, Making appointments with suppliers, Go by the clock, Your best friend in the hotel, Money matters, Confirm every flight, Make allowances for flat tires, Use of credit cards, Keeping a diary, Save receipts, Using traveler's checks, Traveler's Letter of Credit, What to pack on your trip, Rules of travel abroad, Getting a Passport, Passport Agencies, Customs matters for the traveler, Personal baggage: departing, Personal baggage: returning, Personal purchases and restrictions, Duty-free gifts, Visa, Police Certificates.

Section Nineteen:

Visitors From Other Countries:
With open arms, Cement present relations, Iron out problems, Develop more business, Repay past favors, You are a diplomat, How to treat visitors, Avoid high pressure, Where to receive foreign visitors, The visitors' lounge, The specter of the surprise visit, Strive for informality, How to entertain your visitor, Famous attractions, The local sights, Food for thought, Spare him unfair fare, Speaking English to your guest, Don't shout, Your I.T. Headquarters receives visitors, A visitor from Hong Kong, Taking the initiative, Advance notice of visitors, Sample arrival notice, Action: call or write, Visitors bring business, Entertainment expenses you can deduct, How to keep track of expenses, Spell it out, Save the paper, Good business plus public relations.

Section Twenty:

World Trade Reference:
This Section is strictly devoted to reference material. You will find it extremely useful in most of your World Trade/Mail Order activities. The references included are as follows: Page 2: U.S. Government Publications, Page 3: Non-Government Publications, Page 5: Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the United States, Page 12: U.S. Department of Commerce District Offices, Page 14: Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders, Page 16: Name List Brokers, Page 17: Government Book Stores, Page 18: Glossary of Insurance Terms, Page 22: Sample Letters, Page 26: Export Form Guide, Page 29: Where and How to Obtain Checks Payable in Foreign Currency, Page 35: Steamship Service Table, Page 42: Commercial Abbreviations, Page 46: Standard Abbreviations, Pages 47 & 48: Conversion Tables, Weights and Measures.

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