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This supplement to the MELLINGER WORLD TRADE/MAIL ORDER PLAN offers valuable additional help to the International Traders Member conducting business. Refer to the Table of Contents for a review of the many useful aids presented in this volume. Keep BOOK 5 conveniently handy. You will refer often to this material.
The Case Histories and many examples found in this supplement are especially useful to the I.T. Member just starting out in World Trade/Mail Order. How better to describe a Sight Draft, for instance, than to show you one? How better to explain the mechanics of Import-Export than to take an actual profit-making deal and tear it apart for you to see each step?
In the Visualizer Kit, you will find samples of paperwork forms in daily use by today's World Traders. Just as in the Case Histories, you will be taken step-by-step through actual Import-Export deals conducted by The Mellinger Co. These two aids form the basis of the practical help in this Supplement.
You will find this Supplement offers you much more. The Catalog of International Traders Events reveals the profit-building activities available only to International Traders Members. You will find details of vital personal help exclusively yours in Mellinger Personal Seminars and in attendance at the great annual Mellinger Las Vegas Trade Show/Convention.
World Trade/Mail Order is a never-ending source of fascination and profit for the ambitious man or woman who follows The Mellinger Plan. Your Mellinger World Trade/Mail Order Plan and this Supplement are organized for this single bring you the fullest measure of profit, personal fulfillment and pleasure!
B.L. Mellinger III
The Mellinger Co.

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