Import Export Business Opportunity

Import Export Business Opportunity
The Trade Lead Zone  

Trade Lead Zone
Suppliers - Manufacturers Directory

  Start Here and post your company's offer on The Trade Lead Zone Suppliers Manufacturers Directory. An excellent import export business opportunity. International Trade Leads posted here remain for up to 6 months and you will be automatically notified when it is time to update the information you submit.

International Trade Lead Net

Import Export Trade Leads Network Community

  Next list company's  on our Import Export International Trade Leads Network so that the buyers that visit can easily locate the products or services that you have to offer. This business social community will aide you in increasing your presence on the internet.  It will also aide you in creating a great business community with your clients.


Buyers! Import Export Companies Looking For Suppliers!

Searching for a Trade Lead or supplier manufactuer of a product you are having difficulties locating? Be sure to read our Buyers Information Page. Also visit The Trade Lead Network, The Trade Lead Zone and the International Trade Lead Import Export Bulletin board! You may also post your "Wanted-To Buy" listing at the link below and suppliers will contact you with their information.

  Buyers Information Page
  Trade Leads Network Community
  The Trade Lead Zone and Post In "Buyers" section.
  Bulletin Board: Wanted - Products To Buy


Establish A Business Relationship

  We can Provide you with import services, warehousing and shipping/delivery services for your product line in the United States. We also offer marketing consultation to greatly enhance your sales here in the U.S. Please contact us directly for these services.


The Mellinger Import Export Co. also focuses on Mail Order - Gift - Premium type products suitable for E-Commerce sales. If your product line falls into this category, we are actively searching for newly released products to add to our product line.

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