Linking UserGroups to Plans: Explained

In this panel is where we link all permissions to each/any Phpfox Usergroup. Here, you will notice a list of all the UserGroups you have setup. This list of UserGroups is the same list you will find here:

Users > UserGroup Manager > Manage UserGroups

For each UserGroup, we can set a 'Listing Plan' and an 'Access Plan'. A 'Listing Plan' is the set of permissions regarding being able to submit listings into the Directory. An 'Access Plan' is the set of permissions regarding the ability to access information in the Directory. Listing Plans and Access Plans can be created in their respective control panels; here is where we link them to the UserGroups of our choice. You can use the same Plan for as many UserGroups as you want, or each UserGroup can have its own special Plan.

Listing Plan = No Submission: This setting will mean that UserGroup cannot submit anything to the Directory at all.

Access Plan = No Access: This setting will mean that UserGroup cannot view any section of the Directory except for special Blocks like any of the Profile 'My Businesses' or 'Businesses I'm Following' Blocks or the universal 'Search' Block.

Setting Up Paid UserGroups in Phpfox

This is entirely controlled by Phpfox, but since I get asked about this constantly I will include a brief tutorial here...

To begin, we must first understand how all of these things are linked together. The section above describes how we link 'Plans' to 'UserGroups', and here we describe how to link 'UserGroups' to 'Subscriptions'. So, basically, each of these things are separate entities: Subscriptions > UserGroups > Directory Plans. Subscriptions are the 'gatekeeper' for UserGroups, and UserGroups are the 'gatekeeper' for 'Directory Plans'. Ok, moving on...

The very first thing out of these to create is the 'UserGroup'. If you want to create new UserGroups, visit:

Users > User Group Manager > Create User Group

To create Subscriptions or Paid Memberships, visit:

Modules > Subscribe > Create New Package.

Fill this form out as you desire. The 2 important fields to understand on this form are 1) UserGroup on Success, 2) UserGroup on Failure. 'UserGroup on Success' is the UserGroup the User should be upgraded to upon successful purchase of this subscription package. 'UserGroup on Failure' is the UserGroup the User should be down-graded to when this subscription package is canceled.

So, in conclusion, when someone purchases this Subscription, they are upgraded to the UserGroup you selected, which is then automatically linked to the Directory Plans we assigned to that UserGroup earlier.

Guest UserGroup (Special Properties)

The Guest UserGroup has special significance in this plugin. The Guest UserGroup permissions will be assigned to any 'un-owned' listings. If you are using the 'Claim Listing' features (whereby a listing has no owning User) those un-owned listings will be treated as if a Guest UserGroup member owns them. This means you should properly setup a Listing Plan for the Guest UserGroup to use. Note, that assigning the Guest UserGroup a Listing Plan does not mean that non-logged in Users can submit listings. As long as you have the 'Must be logged in to submit a Business?' setting in the Configuration to 'yes' Guests will not be able to submit listings even though they have a Listing Plan.