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Media Banner Type Image HTML Banner Image here to change this banner image.]]> You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. cancel Banner Link Campaign Details Campaign Name Start Date End Date Do not end this campaign. End on a specific date. Total Views Unlimited Total Clicks Active Placement Block Placement View Site Layout Notice: The ad sizes provided is a recommendation. Audience User Groups All User Groups Selected User Groups Location Gender Age Group Between Any Min age cannot be higher than max age. Max age cannot be lower than the Min age. Ads ID Name Status Views Clicks Edit Delete No ads have been created. Add a New Add Cache Manager Note the time is set to your registered time zone. Advertise Creating an Ad here.]]> Approve Deny View/Edit Preview This Ad No search results were found. Pending Approval Denied Ad Filter Type Display Sort By Ad successfully approved. Ad successfully denied. Manage N/A Recently Added Pending Payment Unable to edit/purchase this ad. Not a valid ad plan. Your ad has successfully been submitted. To complete the process continue with paying below. Payment Methods Example Ad This is a sample ad. 1. Ad Design Create an Ad Upload an Ad Ad Placement Change Select a Position Background Color Select Border Color Text Color Title 25 character limit. 135 character limit. Body Text Image (optional) Change Image We only accept the following extensions: GIF, JPG and PNG Supported extensions: GIF, JPG and PNG Destination URL Example: 2. Targeting Continue 3. Campaigns and Pricing Impressions Recalculate Costs Submit Select an ad placement. Ad Management Management Approved Campaign Continue this campaign Pause this campaign No ads found. Updating an Ad The file dimensions are too big. Provide a campaign name. Manage Placements Ad Placement Ad placement successfully deleted. Manage Ad Placements Ad Placements Campaigns Ad placement successfully updated. Ad placement successfully added. Add Ad Placement Manage Placements Ad Placement Details Price Is Active Yes No Provide a title Select a placement. Provide a cost. Select if this ad placement is active or not. Ad Invoices Invoices Paid Cancelled Date Pay Now You do not have any invoices. Invoices There are no invoices. Invoice Filter Create an Ad Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business. Create Your Ad Advertise Click on the ad size you want to create an ad for. Block {location} - {cost} CPM (1,000 views) 1. Confirm your Item for {currency} {total_cost} Impressions cant be less than a thousand This item can only be sponsored by its owner or a site administrator. Admin Created Campaign Manage Sponsor Campaigns Manage Sponsorships The currency for your membership has no price The default currency has no price No placements found. Add a Placement Can create ad campaigns? Can create ad campaigns? There is minimum of 1000 impressions. Define how many impressions for this ad. Provide a title for your ad. Provide text for your ad. Provide a URL for your ad. Select an image for your ad. Thank you for your purchase. Your ad is currently pending approval. No ad placements have been created. Check back here shortly. Ad Approved {link}]]> Ad Denied {link}]]> Sponsor Ad Approved {link}]]> Sponsor Ad Denied {link}]]> Your order has been processed. and {total} views Invoice successfully deleted Enabled Disabled Blogs Manage Ads Manage Invoices Manage Sponsorships Choose image How Many Ads Per LocationThis setting tells how many ads will be shown per location. If you set this to a numerical zero (0) it will load every ad available for that location. The default is 1 ]]> Completed Block {location} - {cost} per click You are not the owner of this ad This ad has used all its views This ad has used all its clicks Sponsored {amount} {currency} per 1000 impressions {amount} {currency} per click Enable Advanced Ad FiltersThis setting enables the site to display ads based on the State/Province, Zip Code/Postal Code and City.]]> Close Your ad has been created. Module Placement Disallow Controller Separate each controller with a comma. (Eg. blog.index,video.view) Postal Code Separate multiple postal codes by a comma. City Separate multiple cities by a comma. show_ads can_create_ad_campaigns