ad 2.0.0rc2 select_a_banner_type 1252753837 Select a banner type. ad 2.0.0rc2 provide_a_name_for_this_campaign 1252753852 Provide a name for this campaign. ad 2.0.0rc2 provide_a_link_for_your_banner 1252753867 Provide a link for your banner. ad 2.0.0rc2 provide_html_for_your_banner 1252753880 Provide HTML for your banner. ad 2.0.0rc2 ad_successfully_updated 1252753898 Ad successfully updated. ad 2.0.0rc2 ad_successfully_added 1252753912 Ad successfully added. ad 2.0.0rc2 create_new_campaign 1252753952 Create New Campaign ad 2.0.0rc2 ad_successfully_deleted 1252753984 Ad successfully deleted. ad 2.0.0rc2 ad_s_successfully_updated 1252753996 Ad(s) successfully updated. ad 2.0.0rc2 manage_ad_campaigns 1252754009 Manage Ad Campaigns ad 2.0.0rc2 live 1252754044 Live ad 2.0.0rc2 inactive 1252754056 Inactive ad 2.0.0rc2 pending 1252754087 Pending ad 2.0.0rc2 the_ad_you_are_looking_for_does_not_exist 1252754114 The ad you are looking for does not exist. ad 2.0.0rc2 unable_to_find_this_ad 1252754128 Unable to find this ad. ad 2.0.0rc2 unable_to_find_the_ad_you_want_to_delete 1252754169 Unable to find the ad you want to delete. ad 2.0.0rc2 media 1252754277 Media ad 2.0.0rc2 banner_type 1252754868 Banner Type ad 2.0.0rc2 image 1252755783 Image ad 2.0.0rc2 html 1252755791 HTML ad 2.0.0rc2 banner_image 1252755809 Banner Image ad 2.0.0rc2 click_here_to_change_this_banner_image 1252755843 here to change this banner image.]]> ad 2.0.0rc2 you_can_upload_a_jpg_gif_or_png_file 1252755856 You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. ad 2.0.0rc2 cancel 1252755868 cancel ad 2.0.0rc2 banner_link 1252755962 Banner Link ad 2.0.0rc2 campaign_details 1252755974 Campaign Details ad 2.0.0rc2 campaign_name 1252755984 Campaign Name ad 2.0.0rc2 start_date 1252755996 Start Date ad 2.0.0rc2 end_date 1252756009 End Date ad 2.0.0rc2 do_not_end_this_campaign 1252756023 Do not end this campaign. ad 2.0.0rc2 end_on_a_specific_date 1252756033 End on a specific date. ad 2.0.0rc2 total_views 1252756046 Total Views ad 2.0.0rc2 unlimited 1252756064 Unlimited ad 2.0.0rc2 total_clicks 1252756100 Total Clicks ad 2.0.0rc2 active 1252756118 Active ad 2.0.0rc2 placement 1252756132 Placement ad 2.0.0rc2 block_placement 1252756143 Block Placement ad 2.0.0rc2 view_site_layout 1252756155 View Site Layout ad 2.0.0rc2 notice_the_ad_sizes_provided_is_a_recommendation 1252756164 Notice: The ad sizes provided is a recommendation. ad 2.0.0rc2 audience 1252756171 Audience ad 2.0.0rc2 user_groups 1252756180 User Groups ad 2.0.0rc2 all_user_groups 1252756189 All User Groups ad 2.0.0rc2 selected_user_groups 1252756197 Selected User Groups ad 2.0.0rc2 location 1252756209 Location ad 2.0.0rc2 gender 1252756218 Gender ad 2.0.0rc2 age_group_between 1252756226 Age Group Between ad 2.0.0rc2 any 1252756234 Any ad 2.0.0rc2 min_age_cannot_be_higher_than_max_age 1252756315 Min age cannot be higher than max age. ad 2.0.0rc2 max_age_cannot_be_lower_than_the_min_age 1252756568 Max age cannot be lower than the Min age. ad 2.0.0rc2 ads 1252756602 Ads ad 2.0.0rc2 id 1252756610 ID ad 2.0.0rc2 name 1252756618 Name ad 2.0.0rc2 status 1252756626 Status ad 2.0.0rc2 views 1252756642 Views ad 2.0.0rc2 clicks 1252756682 Clicks ad 2.0.0rc2 edit 1252756691 Edit ad 2.0.0rc2 delete 1252756699 Delete ad 2.0.0rc2 no_ads_have_been_created 1252756733 No ads have been created. ad 2.0.0rc2 add_a_new_add 1252756768 Add a New Add ad 2.0.0rc2 cache_manager 1252757546 Cache Manager ad 2.0.0rc2 note_the_time_is_set_to_your_registered_time_zone 1253448407 Note the time is set to your registered time zone.