ad 0 integer how_many_ads_per_location setting_how_many_ads_per_location 1 3.2.0beta1 1 ad 3.2.0beta1 setting_how_many_ads_per_location 1332855052 How Many Ads Per LocationThis setting tells how many ads will be shown per location. If you set this to a numerical zero (0) it will load every ad available for that location. The default is 1]]> ad 3.2.0beta1 completed 1332928081 Completed ad 3.2.0beta1 block_location_cost_ppc 1333024947 Block {location} - {cost} per click ad 3.2.0beta1 you_are_not_the_owner_of_this_ad 1333451181 You are not the owner of this ad ad 3.2.0beta1 this_ad_has_used_all_its_views 1333451198 This ad has used all its views ad 3.2.0beta1 this_ad_has_used_all_its_clicks 1333451211 This ad has used all its clicks