admincp phpfox 1 1 0 module_admincp admincp F j, Y, g:i a Admincp Logged in as {full_name} View Site Logout Admin CP Dashboard Global Setting, Module Setting or Product Setting. Global Setting are settings that are not part of any specific module or 3rd party product so it falls into a global variable. Module Setting are settings that belong to the specific module it is used in. The setting can still be accessed across other modules, however these settings are intended to be used only in the specific module it was created for. Product Setting are settings that belong to 3rd party products.]]> Setting Details Groups Global Settings Module Settings Product Settings Variable Type String Boolean Integer Array Defined Drop-Down Value Language Package Details Title Info Submit True False Separate drop downs with commas. The first drop down will be the default drop down. (Example: drop1, drop2, drop3) Variable of your new setting is how you will identify and call this specific setting and return the given value. If you create a Variable with foo it can be used later within the PHP script as: [php] echo App::getParam('foo'); [/php] The above code will print out the value of foo. Note that if you add spacing or unsupported characters (alphanumeric support only) to your Variable it will automatically be renamed to fit the standards, which we will replace all unsupported characters or spaces with an underscore.]]> AdminCP Help String Store string values that could contain alphanumeric characters or long text. Boolean Store a TRUE or FALSE value. Integer Store a numeric value. Array Store values within an Array. Defined Drop-Down Store values within an Array, however unlike the Array storage method you can only return one value which will be used when calling the parameter.]]> String Store string values that could contain alphanumeric characters or long text. Boolean Store a TRUE or FALSE value. Simply select TRUE if the value for the setting you are adding should be TRUE by default. Integer Store a numeric value. Array Store values within an Array. Adding an Array is similar to how Arrays are adding in PHP. Example: [php] array("val1", "val2", "val3"); [/php] Defined Drop-Down Store values within an Array, however unlike the Array storage method you can only return one value which will be used when calling the parameter. When adding a drop-down separate drop downs with commas. The first drop down will be the default drop down. Example: [quote] drop1, drop2, drop3 [/quote]]]> Each setting must have a phrase added to the default language package to identify what we are editing when it comes time to edit this setting in the future. Keep the setting title short and to the point as you will also be adding a more informative phrase right after which is used to explain how a setting reacts on the site. Add as much information as you can regarding the new setting you are adding as others may need to edit this setting in the future. Instructions on how the setting effects the site when it for example is enabled or disabled is very useful. Add a Variable name that identifies your new setting Your setting must have a Value Add a Title for your setting Add some information regarding the setting Already in use Added Add Setting Updated! Manage Settings Quick Jump Remove Add a New Value... Add This setting group has no available settings. Add a title for the group Add information regarding the group Group Information Product Name Add Setting Group Export Not a valid array Value must be numeric Import Download Upload Select File Valid File Extensions Import/Export Settings Product does not have any settings. Unable to load cached config file. Please be sure you are uploading the correct file. {total} setting(s) imported. Database is now up-to-date. Nothing new to import. Your database is up-to-date. Invalid file extension. Unable to use this module name. Module folder already exists. Select a name for your module. Provide some information regarding the module Module name is already being used. Select another name. Create Module Module successfully created. Create the following file structure for your module Module Details Add to Menu Yes No Menu Phrase Link Add More Unable to import settings. No product has been specified within the XML file. Untouchables Hidden settings. or Server does not support the file extension you are uploading. Download File Format Cached cleared. Clear Cache Can clear the sites cache. By allowing a user to clear the sites cache they will be able to remove either SQL data or HTML templates. Note that once the page is refreshed these items will be re-cached, however it might be best to only allow Admins or developers to have access to this feature. Data Size Cached On Clear Selected Clear All Cache Source Add New Menu Menu successfully added. Menu Details Module Connection Menus Modules URL User Group Access Allow Access Product this menu will belong to. Is a Core Module Sub Menu CMS User Group Manager Add User Group Setting Manage User Settings Users Extensions Create New Module Language Manage Language Packs Phrase Manager Add Phrase Import/Export Settings Manage Setting Groups Add New Setting Add New Setting Group Maintenance Tools Update Manage User Groups Has general access to the Admin Control Panel. Best to allow on Admins and Staff for security. Can add/modify blocks being added from the AdminCP? Blocks Add New Block Developer Log Query Block successfully added. Select a product. Select a controller. Select a component. Select block placement. Specify if the block is active or not. Can view product drop downs in the AdminCP? Within certain sections of the AdminCP there are areas where an entry into the database requires a product ID#. If you disable this feature users will not be able to view the products name and will automatically enter the default product ID#. Only enable this feature when creating a plug-in or 3rd party module. Block Details Controller Component Placement Active View Sample Layout Sample Layout Block {x} Select Manage Menus Menu successfully deleted. Order Location Actions Edit Delete Menu successfully updated. Menu Manager Manage Blocks Successfully deleted. Successfully updated. Block Manager Pages Add New Page Page and Menu successfully added. Manage Pages Add Component Component successfully added! Component Details URL Connection Block Specify a component. Select if component is active. Select a component type. Menu order successfully updated. Manage Modules Core Modules Module(s) updated. Overwrite default data Can manage product modules? Note: This includes updating the status, editing or deleting modules. Can add new product modules? Module successfully deleted. Manage Categories Add New Category Add Article Can edit articles? Import Export Product Manage Products Create New Product Import Products Theme Manage Themes Plugin Manage Plugins Create New Plugin You have {total} comments. Create User Group Browse Users Country Management Payment Gateways System Settings Site Stats Manage Stats Add New Stat User Cancellation Add Options Manage Options View Feedback Messages View Private Messages Add Emoticon Add Package Manage Packages Cache Time StampCache Time Stamp]]> Cache Manager Cache system unlocked. Timestamp Cache Name Module successfully updated. Module successfully created. Select what type of a hook this is. Hook successfully added. Add Hook Provide a title for your plugin. Select a hook. Provide PHP code for your plugin. Plugin successfully updated. Plugin successfully added. Create Plugin Plugin(s) updated. Plugin successfully deleted. Add a product ID. Add a product title. Product dependency updated. Product install/uninstall updated. Product successfully updated. Product successfully created. Editing Product Product successfully installed. Import Products Product(s) updated. Product successfully deleted. Your search did not return any results. Stat successfully updated. Stat successfully added. Add New Stat Manage Stats Stat successfully deleted. Successfully logged out. Module ID can only contain the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Hook already exists. Product name is not valid. Not a valid product to import. Not a valid XML file. Product already exists. Product requires PHP version {dependency_start}. Product requires PHP version {dependency_start} up until {dependency_end}. Product requires version {dependency_start}. Product requires version {dependency_start} up until {dependency_end}. Product requires {check_id} version {dependency_start}. Product requires {check_id} version {dependency_start} up until {dependency_end}. None (Site Wide) Can Drag/Drop Site Wide Block {block_number} Cache system is locked. here.]]> Cache Stats Total Files Cache Size Last Cached File Search Filter Search Display Sort Files No cache date found. or select a page Module ID Hook Details Call Save Plugin Details Hook PHP Code Create a New Plugin Product Details Product ID Description Version Product URL Version Check URL Existing Product Dependencies Dependencies Dependency Type Compatibility Starts Incompatible With Add New Product Dependency PHP Core Version Compatibility Starts with Version Compatibility End with Version Install/Uninstall Existing Install/Uninstall Code Install Code Uninstall Code Add New Install/Uninstall Code Install Uninstall Overwrite FTP support must be enabled in order to import products. here to enable FTP support.]]> Create a New Product Import a Product No products have been added. Image Your current watermark image Notice: Advised image is a transparent PNG with a max width/height of 52 pixels.]]> You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. Stat Details Stats Are you sure? Activate Deactivate AdminCP Login Email Password Back to site Login Active Admins Latest Admin Logins View More AdminCP Notes Quick Links Members Guests Online Pending Approval Reported Items/Users Spam Site Statistics Corporate Tweets Not a valid country. State/Province successfully updated. State/Province successfully added. Country Manager Adding State/Province Editing State/Province State/Province successfully deleted. States/Provinces Country successfully updated. Country successfully added. Add a Country Editing Country Text import successfully completed. Success: {completed} - Failed: {failed}. Import successfully completed. Country successfully deleted. Branding removal successfully installed. Branding Removal Login Time Stamp IP Address Online Guests AdminCP Logins Last Activity Guests/Bots PHP Info System System Overview Customize Dashboard Not a valid login log. Not a valid account. Email failure. Password failure. Success Provide a category name. Provide a name. Select a country. All fields are required. ISO can only contain 2 characters. The ISO is already in use. Not a valid country package. Select a product. Select a module. At least one title for the stat is required. Link for the stat is required. Image for the stat is required. PHP code for the stat is required. Select if the stat is active or not. Not a valid request. The stat you are looking for cannot be found. Unable to find the stat you want to edit. PHP Version PHP Sapi PHP safe_mode PHP open_basedir PHP Disabled Functions PHP Loaded Extensions Operating System Server Time Stamp GZIP SQL Driver Version SQL Slave Enabled SQL Total Slaves SQL Slave Server Memory Limit Load Balancing Enabled None Enabled Disabled N/A Total Server Memory Available Server Memory Current Server Load FTP Details FTP Host FTP Username FTP Password AdminCP Login Log View Attempt Cancel Posted on {time_stamp} by {creator}. Find Users Go Manage User Group Settings Edit User Groups Edit System Settings Send Newsletter Write an Announcement Posted on {time_stamp}. Log Details Attempt User Time Stamp Referrer User Agent Security Token Close State/Province Details Country Manage Country Details ISO Import Country Package File Import Text File You can upload a text file with a list of states/provinces that you would like to import and each state/province should be on a new line. Countries Add State/Province Manage States/Provinces branding removal.]]> phpFox Client Login Details Client Email Client Password Admins Banned Unban Ban No guests online. Server Overview {link}]]> Click here to continue. Note: We are in no way affiliated to "{link}".]]> Controllers PHP Block File HTML Code Not a valid IP address. IP Information Host Address View all the activity from this IP. Search IP Address Reparser Edit this Block Remove this Block Remove Duplicates Parsing completed. Text Reparser Reparser Parsing page {current}/{total}. Please hold... Text Data Records There is no data to parse. Successfully removed duplicate entries. User Group Settings Check Custom Field AdminCP name not allowed Large String Enable UTF Encoding SQL Maintenance Table(s) successfully optimized. Table(s) successfully repaired. SQL Maintenance Database Size Overhead Total Tables SQL Tables Table Size Optimize Table(s) Repair Table(s) Backup SQL backup successfully created and can be downloaded here: {path} The path you provided is not a valid directory. Backup SQL Backup Path Provide the full path to where we should save the SQL backup. Your operating system does not support the method of backup we provide. We advice you contact your host and ask the best method to backup your database as most hosting companies provide these options from a hosting control panel (eg. cPanel, Plesk etc...). Counters Update of counter successfully completed. Update Counters Updating counters. Processing page {current} out of {page}. Unable to find XML file to import for this product. Product successfully upgraded. Upgrade Upgrade ({upgrade_version}) Not a valid product to upgrade. It does not exist in our database. Latest Module successfully installed. Install this Module Menu Block Parent Menu Manage Children ({total_children}) Editing Country child entries successfully deleted. Show Price Manage Components Component successfully updated. Editing Component Component successfully deleted. Components Checking the following modules for missing settings Missing settings successfully imported. Missing Settings Find Missing Settings Provide a 3 character currency ID. Provide a symbol. Provide a phrase for your currency. Select if this currency is active or not. This currency is already in use. Currency successfully deleted. ID Symbol Currency Default Set as Default Currency successfully updated. Currency successfully added. Add Currency Currency Details Currency ID Is Active Foxporter Action Importing Data Refresh Continue to the next step... Start Importing Not a valid country package. Must be an XML file. Alter Title Fields Database tables updated. Notice: This routine is highly experimental.]]> All items on the site store certain information in the database. Some of this information are the titles of items. By default these fields that store the items title have a limit of 255 characters, which with alphanumeric characters is a lot. However, if using non-latin characters this might not be enough and titles are cut short. This reason for this is we convert non-latin characters before they are added into the database so when they are outputted everyone can view these characters irregardless of what character-set they have. Using the tool found on this page you can enlarge these fields to store a maximum of 65,535 characters. Update Database Tables You have logged out of the site. Redirecting you to the login page... Missing API Key here for additional IP information.]]> City ZIP / Postal Code Latitude Longitude Inactive Member Reminder Inactive Members (Only run this if you have just upgraded to v3 and make sure to only run this once.)]]> (Only run this if you have just upgraded to v3 and make sure to only run this once.)]]> NoFollow URLs Add New URL rel="nofollow".]]> URLs Successfully added a new URL. Provide a URL. Successfully added a new meta tag. Keyword Custom Meta Tags Add New Meta Separate keywords with commas. Meta Keyword/Descriptions Provide the full URL to add your custom meta keywords or descriptions. SEO Enable DnD Mode AdminCP Privacy Control Add New Privacy Rule Provide the full path to the URL you wish to add this rule to. We will then convert it to work with our internal URL system. User Groups Select a user group this rule should apply to. Wildcard Enable this option if you wish to apply this rule to all sub-sections. Rules There are no privacy rules at the moment. Provide atleast one user group for this rule. General AdminCP Privacy Save your notes here... Fix Birthdays can_clear_site_cache can_add_new_block can_view_product_options can_manage_modules can_add_new_modules has_admin_access