admincp 2.0.0rc8 sql 1258744172 SQL admincp 2.0.0rc8 sql_maintenance 1258744239 Maintenance admincp 2.0.0rc8 table_s_successfully_optimized 1258745778 Table(s) successfully optimized. admincp 2.0.0rc8 table_s_successfully_repaired 1258745790 Table(s) successfully repaired. admincp 2.0.0rc8 sql_maintenance_title 1258745827 SQL Maintenance admincp 2.0.0rc8 database_size 1258746004 Database Size admincp 2.0.0rc8 overhead 1258746010 Overhead admincp 2.0.0rc8 total_tables 1258746230 Total Tables admincp 2.0.0rc8 sql_tables 1258746241 SQL Tables admincp 2.0.0rc8 table 1258746253 Table admincp 2.0.0rc8 size 1258746266 Size admincp 2.0.0rc8 optimize_table_s 1258746303 Optimize Table(s) admincp 2.0.0rc8 repair_table_s 1258746310 Repair Table(s) admincp 2.0.0rc8 sql_backup 1258746653 Backup admincp 2.0.0rc8 sql_backup_successfully_created_and_can_be_downloaded_here_path 1258754213 SQL backup successfully created and can be downloaded here: {path} admincp 2.0.0rc8 the_path_you_provided_is_not_a_valid_directory 1258754263 The path you provided is not a valid directory. admincp 2.0.0rc8 backup 1258754347 Backup admincp 2.0.0rc8 sql_backup_header 1258754406 SQL Backup admincp 2.0.0rc8 path 1258754414 Path admincp 2.0.0rc8 provide_the_full_path_to_where_we_should_save_the_sql_backup 1258754422 Provide the full path to where we should save the SQL backup. admincp 2.0.0rc8 your_operating_system_does_not_support_the_method_of_backup_we_provide 1258754523 Your operating system does not support the method of backup we provide. We advice you contact your host and ask the best method to backup your database as most hosting companies provide these options from a hosting control panel (eg. cPanel, Plesk etc...). admincp 2.0.0rc8 today_s_site_stats 1258756073 admincp 2.0.0rc8 counters 1258900597 Counters admincp 2.0.0rc8 update_of_counter_successfully_completed 1258979452 Update of counter successfully completed. admincp 2.0.0rc8 update_counters 1258979493 Update Counters admincp 2.0.0rc8 updating_counters_processing_page_current_out_of_page 1258979529 Updating counters. Processing page {current} out of {page}. admincp controller admincp admincp.component_controller_maintain_counter_clean 1259160644 2.0.0rc9 admincp controller admincp admincp.component_controller_sql_index_clean 1259160644 2.0.0rc9 admincp controller admincp admincp.component_controller_sql_backup_clean 1259160644 2.0.0rc9