admincp 2.0.5 alter_title_fields 1275386165 Alter Title Fields admincp 2.0.5 database_tables_updated 1275386206 Database tables updated. admincp 2.0.5 b_notice_b_this_routine_is_highly_experimental 1275386223 Notice: This routine is highly experimental.]]> admincp 2.0.5 all_items_on_the_site_store_certain_information_in_the_database 1275386310 All items on the site store certain information in the database. Some of this information are the titles of items. By default these fields that store the items title have a limit of 255 characters, which with alphanumeric characters is a lot. However, if using non-latin characters this might not be enough and titles are cut short. This reason for this is we convert non-latin characters before they are added into the database so when they are outputted everyone can view these characters irregardless of what character-set they have. Using the tool found on this page you can enlarge these fields to store a maximum of 65,535 characters. admincp 2.0.5 update_database_tables 1275386334 Update Database Tables admincp controller admincp admincp.component_controller_sql_title_clean 1276177474 2.0.5