api 2.0.0rc2 unable_to_find_the_payment_gateway 1252912087 Unable to find the payment gateway. api 2.0.0rc2 gateway_successfully_updated 1252912098 Gateway successfully updated. api 2.0.0rc2 payment_gateways 1252912106 Payment Gateways api 2.0.0rc2 editing 1252912117 Editing api 2.0.0rc2 cost_per_month 1252912239 {cost} per month api 2.0.0rc2 default_cost_and_then_cost_per_month 1252912274 {default_cost} and then {cost} per month api 2.0.0rc2 cost_per_quarter 1252912309 {cost} per quarter api 2.0.0rc2 default_cost_and_then_cost_per_quarter 1252912343 {default_cost} and then {cost} per quarter api 2.0.0rc2 cost_biannualy 1252912372 {cost} biannualy api 2.0.0rc2 cost_annually 1252912385 {cost} annually api 2.0.0rc2 default_cost_and_then_cost_biannualy 1252912426 {default_cost} and then {cost} biannualy api 2.0.0rc2 default_cost_and_then_cost_annually 1252912446 {default_cost} and then {cost} annually api 2.0.0rc2 provide_a_name 1252912486 Provide a name. api 2.0.0rc2 provide_a_description 1252912494 Provide a description. api 2.0.0rc2 select_if_the_gateway_is_active_or_not 1252912503 Select if the gateway is active or not. api 2.0.0rc2 select_if_the_gateway_is_in_test_mode 1252912513 Select if the gateway is in test mode. api 2.0.0rc2 opps_no_payment_gateways_have_been_set_up_yet 1252912564 Opps! No payment gateways have been set up yet. api 2.0.0rc2 purchase_with_gateway_name 1252912577 Purchase with {gateway_name} api 2.0.0rc2 gateway_details 1252912604 Gateway Details api 2.0.0rc2 title 1252913445 Title api 2.0.0rc2 description 1252913463 Description api 2.0.0rc2 test_mode 1252913532 Test Mode api 2.0.0rc2 update 1252913593 Update api 2.0.0rc2 gateways 1252913669 Gateways api 2.0.0rc2 active 1252913703 Active api 2.0.0rc2 edit_gateway_settings 1252913717 Edit Gateway Settings api 2.0.0rc2 disable_test_mode 1252922033 Disable Test Mode api 2.0.0rc2 enable_test_mode 1252922041 Enable Test Mode