apps phpfox 1 1 0 module_apps 60 0 Categories <![CDATA[{phrase var='apps.apps'}]]> Apps Apps Create an App Can add an app to the site? Can use apps? Moderate apps before showing them if they were uploaded by a member of this user group? Can members of this user group moderate apps? Developers Token Keep AliveWhen viewing an app the site will start a session that grants the application access to the user's shared items. This variable tells how often will this session be updated (in seconds). A higher value would grant the application access for longer after the user has stopped using the app. A value too small could slow down your site.]]> Enable API SupportBefore developers can start using your site to create Apps you must first enable API support. By enabling this you will allow 3rd party developers the ability to create Apps for your community that they will host and maintain on their own servers. They will get access using a token system that uses OpenSSL. In order for this feature to work your server must have OpenSSL support.]]> OpenSSL Config PathIf your server does not have a config file for OpenSSL installed you can define the full path to this file here.]]> Apps Operation carried out successfully. Category deleted successfully. An error occurred and the category has not been deleted. An error occurred and your confirmation could not be saved. Category Renamed An error occurred. Permissions updated successfully. Categories That app does not exist. Category successfully added. App Categories App successfully created. General Photo URL View This App Successfully updated the app. You are not allowed to edit this app. Editing App Create an App App Developers Developers App successfully deleted. App successfully uninstalled. All Apps My Apps Installed Apps Pending Apps Search Apps... Latest Delete Approve Uninstall That app was not found. That app was not found check. This app does not exist. App not found. Every field is required. You are not allowed to delete this app. Cannot edit this app. Please provide a valid URL. Manage Are you sure? Permissions Allow Not allow Update Category Update Name Add new category Name Add Category Select Submit APP ID Title Description Upload new picture Call Home URL Introduction API As a developer you can create applications and add them to {site_name}, taking advantage of the existing user base. You host the application, which means that you are in full control of your server specifications. Setting up an APP To interact with {site_name} your application can issue calls to our API and request or post information. add an application to our site we will give you an APP ID.]]> Requesting a Token $_GET['key'].]]> This is an example of how you can request a token If successful, you will get a JSON response like Sending a Request Now that you have a valid token you can make requests to our server. With each request you must pass the token we created for you. An example call to our API server would look like Understanding an API Response page=2".]]> To the left you will find a list of the modules that implement API methods. Click on the module and you will see a list of the methods that your application can use. For shortness and formatting purposes we do not include the full request in there but only the most relevant parts. Response Actions Moderate No apps found. Install this App? {app_title} you need to confirm what you allow it to do]]> Dont allow Report this app Report this application Developed by {full_name} 1 like {total_like} likes Install You are logged in as {full_name} API support is disabled at the moment. This App is still under development. Contact the Developer Un-install this App Can see who is on my friends list Share my full name Share my email Post a status update as me. Would you like to view this App without installing it? Yes Apps Categories Apps Install App Export Apps can_add_app can_view_app apps_require_moderation can_moderate_apps database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('app_category'), array( 'name' => $sCategory ) ); } ]]>