apps 0 boolean enable_api_support setting_enable_api_support 1 3.0.0beta3 0 apps 0 string openssl_config_path setting_openssl_config_path 2 3.0.0beta3 apps 0 integer token_keep_alive setting_token_keep_alive 3 3.0.0beta1 60 apps 3.0.0beta3 setting_enable_api_support 1316002975 Enable API SupportBefore developers can start using your site to create Apps you must first enable API support. By enabling this you will allow 3rd party developers the ability to create Apps for your community that they will host and maintain on their own servers. They will get access using a token system that uses OpenSSL. In order for this feature to work your server must have OpenSSL support.]]> apps 3.0.0beta3 setting_openssl_config_path 1316003324 OpenSSL Config PathIf your server does not have a config file for OpenSSL installed you can define the full path to this file here.]]> apps 3.0.0beta3 apps 1316525979 Apps apps 3.0.0beta3 operation_carried_out_successfully 1316526096 Operation carried out successfully. apps 3.0.0beta3 category_deleted_successfully 1316526114 Category deleted successfully. apps 3.0.0beta3 an_error_occurred_and_the_category_has_not_been_deleted 1316526129 An error occurred and the category has not been deleted. apps 3.0.0beta3 an_error_occurred_and_your_confirmation_could_not_be_saved 1316526154 An error occurred and your confirmation could not be saved. apps 3.0.0beta3 category_renamed 1316526176 Category Renamed apps 3.0.0beta3 an_error_occurred 1316526187 An error occurred. apps 3.0.0beta3 permissions_updated_successfully 1316526200 Permissions updated successfully. apps 3.0.0beta3 categories 1316526220 Categories apps 3.0.0beta3 that_app_does_not_exist 1316526254 That app does not exist. apps 3.0.0beta3 category_successfully_added 1316526279 Category successfully added. apps 3.0.0beta3 app_categories 1316526288 App Categories apps 3.0.0beta3 app_successfully_created 1316526301 App successfully created. apps 3.0.0beta3 general 1316526311 General apps 3.0.0beta3 photo 1316526318 Photo apps 3.0.0beta3 url 1316526328 URL apps 3.0.0beta3 view_this_app 1316526341 View This App apps 3.0.0beta3 successfully_updated_the_app 1316526367 Successfully updated the app. apps 3.0.0beta3 you_are_not_allowed_to_edit_this_app 1316526382 You are not allowed to edit this app. apps 3.0.0beta3 editing_app 1316526396 Editing App apps 3.0.0beta3 create_an_app 1316526407 Create an App apps 3.0.0beta3 app_developers 1316526453 App Developers apps 3.0.0beta3 developers 1316526472 Developers apps 3.0.0beta3 app_successfully_deleted 1316526505 App successfully deleted. apps 3.0.0beta3 app_successfully_uninstalled 1316526517 App successfully uninstalled. apps 3.0.0beta3 all_apps 1316526532 All Apps apps 3.0.0beta3 my_apps 1316526541 My Apps apps 3.0.0beta3 installed_apps 1316526552 Installed Apps apps 3.0.0beta3 pending_apps 1316526567 Pending Apps apps 3.0.0beta3 search_apps 1316526607 Search Apps... apps 3.0.0beta3 latest 1316526619 Latest apps 3.0.0beta3 delete 1316526640 Delete apps 3.0.0beta3 approve 1316526650 Approve apps 3.0.0beta3 uninstall 1316526663 Uninstall apps 3.0.0beta3 that_app_was_not_found 1316526699 That app was not found. apps 3.0.0beta3 that_app_was_not_found_check 1316526736 That app was not found check. apps 3.0.0beta3 this_app_does_not_exist 1316526776 This app does not exist. apps 3.0.0beta3 app_not_found 1316526843 App not found. apps 3.0.0beta3 every_field_is_required 1316526867 Every field is required. apps 3.0.0beta3 you_are_not_allowed_to_delete_this_app 1316526887 You are not allowed to delete this app. apps 3.0.0beta3 cannot_edit_this_app 1316526918 Cannot edit this app. apps 3.0.0beta3 please_provide_a_valid_url 1316526930 Please provide a valid URL. apps 3.0.0beta3 manage 1316527077 Manage apps 3.0.0beta3 are_you_sure 1316527139 Are you sure? apps 3.0.0beta3 permissions 1316527173 Permissions apps 3.0.0beta3 allow 1316527265 Allow apps 3.0.0beta3 not_allow 1316527276 Not allow apps 3.0.0beta3 update 1316527285 Update apps 3.0.0beta3 category 1316527309 Category apps 3.0.0beta3 update_name 1316527331 Update Name apps 3.0.0beta3 add_new_category 1316527340 Add new category apps 3.0.0beta3 name 1316527347 Name apps 3.0.0beta3 add_category 1316527362 Add Category apps 3.0.0beta3 select 1316527741 Select apps 3.0.0beta3 submit 1316527751 Submit apps 3.0.0beta3 app_id 1316527762 APP ID apps 3.0.0beta3 title 1316527773 Title apps 3.0.0beta3 description 1316527793 Description apps 3.0.0beta3 upload_new_picture 1316527802 Upload new picture apps 3.0.0beta3 call_home_url 1316527814 Call Home URL apps 3.0.0beta3 introduction 1316527965 Introduction apps 3.0.0beta3 api 1316529478 API apps 3.0.0beta3 as_a_developer_you_can_create_applications 1316529523 As a developer you can create applications and add them to {site_name}, taking advantage of the existing user base. You host the application, which means that you are in full control of your server specifications. apps 3.0.0beta3 setting_up_an_app 1316529554 Setting up an APP apps 3.0.0beta3 to_interact_with_site_name_your 1316529580 To interact with {site_name} your application can issue calls to our API and request or post information. apps 3.0.0beta3 when_you_add_an_application 1316529619 add an application to our site we will give you an APP ID.]]> apps 3.0.0beta3 requesting_a_token 1316529681 Requesting a Token apps 3.0.0beta3 whenever_you_plan_on_using_our_api_you_must_first_request_a_token_in_order_to_request_a_token_you_need_a_unique_key_that_we_send_to_you_when_a_user_visits_your_app_from_an_iframe_on_our_site_we_pass_this_along_as_b_get_key_b 1316529697 $_GET['key'].]]> apps 3.0.0beta3 this_is_an_example_of_how_you_can_request_a_token 1316529716 This is an example of how you can request a token apps 3.0.0beta3 if_successful_you_will_get_a_json_response_like 1316529727 If successful, you will get a JSON response like apps 3.0.0beta3 sending_a_request 1316529737 Sending a Request apps 3.0.0beta3 now_that_you_have_a_valid_token_you_can_make_requests_to_our_server_with_each_request_you_must_pass_the_token_we_created_for_you 1316529747 Now that you have a valid token you can make requests to our server. With each request you must pass the token we created for you. apps 3.0.0beta3 an_example_call_to_our_api_server_would_look_like 1316529757 An example call to our API server would look like apps 3.0.0beta3 understanding_an_api_response 1316529768 Understanding an API Response apps 3.0.0beta3 for_methods_that_could_return_more_than_on 1316529797 page=2".]]> apps 3.0.0beta3 to_the_left_you_will_find_a_list_of_the_modules_that_implement 1316529823 To the left you will find a list of the modules that implement API methods. Click on the module and you will see a list of the methods that your application can use. For shortness and formatting purposes we do not include the full request in there but only the most relevant parts. apps 3.0.0beta3 response 1316529835 Response apps 3.0.0beta3 actions 1316529874 Actions apps 3.0.0beta3 moderate 1316529882 Moderate apps 3.0.0beta3 no_apps_found 1316529895 No apps found. apps 3.0.0beta3 install_this_app 1316529905 Install this App? apps 3.0.0beta3 in_order_to_use_app_title 1316529934 {app_title} you need to confirm what you allow it to do]]> apps 3.0.0beta3 dont_allow 1316529962 Dont allow apps 3.0.0beta3 don_t_allow 1316529978 apps 3.0.0beta3 report_this_app 1316529990 Report this app apps 3.0.0beta3 report_this_application 1316529999 Report this application apps 3.0.0beta3 developed_by_user 1316530019 Developed by {user} apps 3.0.0beta3 1_like 1316530036 1 like apps 3.0.0beta3 total_like_likes 1316530051 {total_like} likes apps 3.0.0beta3 install 1316530069 Install apps 3.0.0beta3 don_t_install 1316530079 apps 3.0.0beta3 you_are_logged_in_as_full_name 1316530094 You are logged in as {full_name} apps 3.0.0beta3 api_support_is_disabled_at_the_moment 1316530112 API support is disabled at the moment. apps 3.0.0beta3 this_app_currently_does_not_have_a_call_home_url_set 1316530139 apps 3.0.0beta3 this_app_is_still_under_development 1316530148 This App is still under development. apps 3.0.0beta3 contact_the_developer 1316530176 Contact the Developer apps 3.0.0beta3 un_install_this_app 1316530187 Un-install this App