recaptcha captcha 0 boolean recaptcha setting_recaptcha 1 2.0.0rc12 0 recaptcha captcha 0 string recaptcha_public_key setting_recaptcha_public_key 2 2.0.0rc12 recaptcha captcha 0 string recaptcha_private_key setting_recaptcha_private_key 3 2.0.0rc12 recaptcha captcha 0 large_string recaptcha_header setting_recaptcha_header 4 2.0.0rc12 captcha 2.0.0rc12 setting_group_recaptcha recaptcha captcha 2.0.0rc12 setting_group_recaptcha 1260884786 reCAPTCHAreCAPTCHA]]> captcha 2.0.0rc12 setting_recaptcha 1260884933 Enable reCAPTCHABy enabling reCAPTCHA, wherever we use a captcha routine to prevent spam it will be replaced with reCAPTCHA. You can sign up for a free account at reCAPTCHA. Notice: This feature is experimental and is not stable.]]> captcha 2.0.0rc12 setting_recaptcha_public_key 1260885294 reCAPTCHA Public KeyEnter your reCAPTCHA public key here.]]> captcha 2.0.0rc12 setting_recaptcha_private_key 1260885341 reCAPTCHA Private KeyEnter your reCAPTCHA private key here.]]> captcha 2.0.0rc12 setting_recaptcha_header 1260886253 reCAPTCHA HeaderYou can modify the style of reCAPTCHA by adding JavaScript to the template header and by adding CSS to the same header or for each theme. More information can be found here.]]> form.html.php