comment 2.0.0rc8 new_comments_stats 1258756851 Comments comment 2.0.0rc8 you_cannot_write_a_comment_on_your_own_profile 1258848075 You cannot write a comment on your own profile. comment 2.0.0rc8 user_setting_can_comment_on_own_profile 1258848146 Can comment on own profile? comment 2.0.0rc8 update_owner_id_for_comments_only_for_those_that_upgraded_from_v1_6_21 1258985244 Update Owner ID# for Comments (Only for those that upgraded from v1.6.21). comment 2.0.0rc8 your_old_v1_6_21_setting_file_must_exist 1258985284 Your old v1.6.21 setting file must exist in order for us to continue. Old setting file: {file} comment 2.0.0rc8 the_database_table_table_does_not_exist 1258985369 0 comment boolean 1 1 0 1 comment 0 can_comment_on_own_profile