general core 0 string global_site_title setting_global_site_title 3 2.0.0 phpFox - Social Networking Script core 2.0.0 sample_phrase 1261078500 Sample Phrase core 2.0.0 setting_global_site_title 1261332596 Site TitleThis will displayed on each page as the title of your site.]]> core 2.0.0 uploading 1261570167 Uploading core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_captcha_on_signup 1221831949 Captcha on RegistrationEnable this option to add a captcha routine to the registration process. This will help against spam.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_mail_from_name 1230348032 FromThis is the name displayed when users receive emails from this site.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_email_from_email 1230348559 EmailThis is the default email used when sending out emails and it will be the email users will see in their email.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_mail_signature 1230350155 SignatureThis is the signature added to the bottom of each email that is sent from this site.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_cache_plugins 1231410765 Cache PluginsEnable this setting if all plug-ins should be cached. It is advised to enable this on live sites.]]> core 2.0.0rc1 setting_registration_enable_dob 1250761283 Data of BirthEnable this so users can register their date of birth when signing up for the site.]]> core 2.0.0rc1 setting_registration_enable_gender 1250761528 Gender FieldEnable this so users can register their gender when signing up for the site. ]]> core 2.0.0rc1 setting_registration_enable_location 1250761639 LocationEnable this so users can register their location when signing up for the site. ]]> core 2.0.0rc1 setting_registration_enable_timezone 1250761716 TimezoneEnable this so users can register their timezone when signing up for the site. ]]> core 2.0.0rc12 setting_categories_to_show_at_first 1260886987 How many subcategories to show at firstThis setting tells how many subcategories are to be shown at first. If the list of subcategories is longer than this value the extra ones will be hidden and a "View More" option will be shown instead, allowing the user to display the hidden subcategories. a "View Less" option will be available to provide the full "accordion" effect. If you set it to zero ("0" without quotes) it will hide every subcategory and a plus sign will show next to the category name, clicking the plus sign will show that category's subcategories. ]]> core component core core.component_block_holder_clean 1261572640 2.0.0 core template core theme_template_body__end 1261572988 2.0.0 dashboard.html.php category.html.php quick-find.html.php