server_settings core 0 boolean enable_getid3_check setting_enable_getid3_check 9 2.0.0rc2 0 time_stamps core 0 string extended_global_time_stamp setting_extended_global_time_stamp 10 2.0.0rc2 M j, g:i a core 2.0.0rc2 update 1252756715 Update core 2.0.0rc2 total_items 1253083301 Total Items core 2.0.0rc2 activity_points 1253083311 Activity Points core 2.0.0rc2 dashboard 1253083344 Dashboard core 2.0.0rc2 membership 1253083384 Membership core 2.0.0rc2 profile_views 1253083407 Profile Views core 2.0.0rc2 space_used 1253083418 Space Used core 2.0.0rc2 member_since 1253083428 Member Since core 2.0.0rc2 what_s_new 1253083513 core 2.0.0rc2 site_stats 1253083687 Site Stats core 2.0.0rc2 customize_dashboard 1253084413 Customize Dashboard core 2.0.0rc2 quick_links 1253085095 Quick Links core 2.0.0rc2 module_is_not_a_valid_module 1253085115 {module} is not a valid module. core 2.0.0rc2 state_province 1253085649 State/Province core 2.0.0rc2 what_is_on_your_mind 1253085696 What is on your mind? core 2.0.0rc2 click_to_change_profile_photo 1253085719 Click to change profile photo. core 2.0.0rc2 last_login 1253085749 Last Login core 2.0.0rc2 submit_links 1253085762 Submit Links core 2.0.0rc2 manage_links 1253085771 Manage Links core 2.0.0rc2 logout 1253085794 Logout core 2.0.0rc2 click_to_view_your_profile 1253085803 Click to view your profile. core 2.0.0rc2 click_to_change_your_profile_photo 1253085818 Click to change your profile photo. core 2.0.0rc2 click_to_change_your_status 1253085836 Click to change your status. core 2.0.0rc2 status 1253085850 Status core 2.0.0rc2 link_save_or_cancel 1253085874 save or cancel]]> core 2.0.0rc2 start_search 1253085894 Start search... core 2.0.0rc2 favorites 1253085935 Favorites core 2.0.0rc2 hide_the_footer_bar 1253085957 Hide the Footer Bar core 2.0.0rc2 show_the_footer_bar 1253085989 Show the Footer Bar core 2.0.0rc2 ftp_path 1253086005 FTP path core 2.0.0rc2 change_your_time_zone_preference 1253086694 Change your time zone preference. core 2.0.0rc2 welcome_name 1253087071 Welcome, {name}! core 2.0.0rc2 share 1253108437 Share core 2.0.0rc2 setting_enable_getid3_check 1253267285 Use getID3 for Files UploadedgetID3 is a 3rd party library that helps us verify the meta contents of a file that is uploaded to the server to confirm if the file that is being uploaded contains data that is related to what we are allowing to be uploaded (eg. photo, mp3's, videos etc...).]]> core 2.0.0rc2 setting_extended_global_time_stamp 1253522109 Extended Global Time StampExtended Global Time Stamp]]>