core 2.0.0rc4 edit_this_block 1255709562 Edit this Block core 2.0.0rc4 remove_this_block 1255709579 Remove this Block core 2.0.0rc4 hello 1255709619 Hello core 2.0.0rc4 hello_name 1255709649 Hello {name} core 2.0.0rc4 the_site_is_currently_in_offline_mode 1255709707 core 2.0.0rc4 explore 1255709725 Explore core 2.0.0rc4 add_a_video 1255710109 Add a Video core 2.0.0rc4 enter_the_url_of_your_link 1255710193 Enter the URL of your link core 2.0.0rc4 enter_the_url_of_your_image 1255710214 Enter the URL of your image core 2.0.0rc4 add_a_link 1255710241 Add a Link core 2.0.0rc4 add_a_photo 1255710256 Add a Photo core 2.0.0rc4 toggle_fullscreen 1255710373 Toggle Fullscreen core 2.0.0rc4 full_screen_editor 1255710422 Full Screen Editor core 2.0.0rc4 january 1255712010 January core 2.0.0rc4 february 1255712019 February core 2.0.0rc4 march 1255712026 March core 2.0.0rc4 april 1255712033 April core 2.0.0rc4 may 1255712040 May core 2.0.0rc4 june 1255712047 June core 2.0.0rc4 july 1255712054 July core 2.0.0rc4 august 1255712061 August core 2.0.0rc4 september 1255712068 September core 2.0.0rc4 october 1255712075 October core 2.0.0rc4 november 1255712082 November core 2.0.0rc4 december 1255712089 December core 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_file_extension_we_only_accept_support 1255712204 Not a valid file extension. We only accept: {support} core 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_image_we_only_accept_the_following_file_extensions_support 1255712279 Not a valid image. We only accept the following file extensions: {support} core 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_move_the_image 1255712307 Unable to move the image. core 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_move_the_file 1255712330 Unable to move the file. core 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_upload_the_image 1255712340 Unable to upload the image. core 2.0.0rc4 upload_failed_server_cannot_handle_files_larger_then_file_size 1255712554 Upload failed. Server cannot handle files larger then: {file_size} core 2.0.0rc4 upload_failed_server_cannot_handle_files_size_larger_then_file_size 1255712603 Upload failed. Server cannot handle files ({size}) larger then: {file_size} core 2.0.0rc4 upload_failed_your_file_size_is_larger_then_our_limit_file_size 1255712638 Upload failed. Your file ({size}) is larger then our limit: {file_size} core 2.0.0rc4 uploaded_file_is_not_valid 1255712670 Uploaded file is not valid. core 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_connect_to_ftp_host 1255712693 Unable to connect to FTP host. core 2.0.0rc4 ftp_password_hash_does_not_match_with_server_hash 1255712704 FTP password hash does not match with server hash. core 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_login_to_ftp_server 1255712714 Unable to login to FTP server. core 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_connect_to_ftp_base_directory_make_sure_the_setting_for_ftp_directory_path_has_the_correct_path 1255712739 core 2.0.0rc4 paypal_email 1255712780 PayPal Email core 2.0.0rc4 paypal_is_an_electronic_money_service_which_allows_you_to_make_payment_to_anyone_online 1255712892 PayPal is an electronic money service which allows you to make payment to anyone online. You can choose to pay using your credit card, debit card, bank account, or PayPal balance and make secure purchases without revealing your credit card number or financial information. All major credit and debit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Switch and Solo (plus many more). core 2.0.0rc4 the_email_that_represents_your_paypal_account 1255712972 The email that represents your PayPal account. core 2.0.0rc4 2checkout_vendor_id_number 1255712983 2Checkout Vendor ID Number core 2.0.0rc4 2checkout_secret_word 1255712992 2Checkout Secret Word core 2.0.0rc4 your_numerical_vendor_id 1255713000 Your numerical vendor ID. core 2.0.0rc4 the_secret_word_as_set_within_the_look_and_feel_page_of_your_2checkout_account 1255713007 core 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_create_a_watermark_resource 1255713076 Unable to create a watermark resource. core 2.0.0rc4 originally_posted_by 1255714201 Originally posted by core 2.0.0rc4 search_results_for 1255714921 Search results for core 2.0.0rc4 any 1255714973 Any core 2.0.0rc4 upgrade_taking_place 1255715353 Upgrade Taking Place core 2.0.0rc4 content_is_empty 1255715616 Content is empty. core 2.0.0rc4 the_content_of_this_item_is_identical_to_something_you_have_added_before_please_try_again 1255715631 The content of this item is identical to something you have added before. Please try again. core 2.0.0rc4 try_again_in_1_minute 1255715652 Try again in 1 minute. core 2.0.0rc4 try_again_in_time_minutes 1255715666 Try again in {time} minutes. core 2.0.0rc4 month 1255715765 Month core 2.0.0rc4 day 1255715866 Day core 2.0.0rc4 year 1255715882 Year core 2.0.0rc4 am 1255715940 am core 2.0.0rc4 pm 1255715976 pm core 2.0.0rc4 language_packages 1255716241 Language Packages core 2.0.0rc4 manage 1255716528 Manage core 2.0.0rc4 profile 1255716538 Profile core 2.0.0rc4 1_second_ago 1255787567 1 second ago core 2.0.0rc4 total_seconds_ago 1255787587 {total} seconds ago core 2.0.0rc4 1_minute_ago 1255787604 1 minute ago core 2.0.0rc4 total_minutes_ago 1255787618 {total} minutes ago core 2.0.0rc4 1_hour_ago 1255787633 1 hour ago core 2.0.0rc4 total_hours_ago 1255787645 {total} hours ago core 2.0.0rc4 today 1255787662 Today core 2.0.0rc4 yesterday 1255787672 Yesterday core 2.0.0rc4 move_this_block 1255935862 Move This Block core 2.0.0rc4 online 1256030174 Online core 2.0.0rc4 none 1256032072 (none) core 2.0.0rc4 cancel_lowercase 1256119676 cancel index.html.php offline.html.php redirect.html.php active-admin.html.php activity.html.php country-child.html.php currency.html.php dashboard.html.php footer.html.php ftp.html.php guest.html.php info.html.php latest-admin-login.html.php new-setting.html.php new.html.php news.html.php note.html.php preview.html.php quick-find.html.php site-stat.html.php stat.html.php twitter.html.php view-admincp-login.html.php welcome.html.php blank.html.php block.html.php email.html.php inline-search.html.php pager.html.php template.html.php announcement.css blank.css chat.css forum.css im.css layout.css progress.css rate_bar.css search.css style.css welcome.css