core 0 boolean can_move_on_a_y_and_x_axis setting_can_move_on_a_y_and_x_axis 1 2.0.0rc4 0 formatting core 0 boolean resize_images setting_resize_images 3 2.0.0rc4 0 core 2.0.0rc4 setting_can_move_on_a_y_and_x_axis 1256500257 Drag/Drop BlocksSet this setting to True if you want to allow users to move blocks on a Y or X axis within areas where they can move blocks (eg. Their own profile). By default we only allow users to move blocks on a Y axis and allowing users to move blocks anywhere will give them the freedom but can cause your site design to be destroyed.]]> core 2.0.0rc4 block 1256542768 Block core 2.0.0rc4 full_name_is_online 1256550931 {full_name} is online. core 2.0.0rc4 setting_resize_images 1256639414 Resize ImagesIf you allow HTML on the site and users attempt to add images you can enable this option to set a maximum width/height in certain areas (eg. General Comments & News Feed). Note: If enabled this will add an extra overhead to the script.]]> core 2.0.0rc4 you_cannot_write_more_then_limit_characters 1256666443 You cannot write more then {limit} characters! core 2.0.0rc4 you_have_limit_character_s_left 1256666594 You have {limit} character(s) left. core.index-member core welcome 7 1 13 0 core.index-member core dashboard 2 1 10 1 core.index-member core new 2 1 12 1 core.index-member core stat 1 1 9 1 dashboard.html.php template.html.php announcement.css layout.css thickbox.css