core 2.0.0rc8 fill_in_a_proper_url 1259006129 Fill in a proper URL. core 2.0.0rc8 url 1259006139 URL core 2.0.0rc8 message 1259006152 Message core 2.0.0rc8 image 1259006739 Image core 2.0.0rc8 provide_a_proper_image_path 1259006762 Provide a proper image path. core 2.0.0rc8 not_a_valid_password 1259092483 Not a valid password. core 2.0.0rc8 invalid_url 1259092495 Invalid URL. core 2.0.0rc8 provide_a_numerical_value 1259092504 Provide a numerical value. core 2.0.0rc8 provide_a_valid_price 1259092512 Provide a valid price. core 2.0.0rc8 provide_a_valid_year_eg_1982 1259092519 Provide a valid year. (eg. 1982) core 2.0.0rc8 opps_something_went_wrong 1258552662 Oops! Something went wrong. We were not able to complete your request. We are looking into fixing the issue. Please refresh the page and try again. core controller core core.component_controller_index_visitor_start 1259173633 2.0.0rc9 core controller core core.component_controller_index_member_start 1259173633 2.0.0rc9 dashboard.html.php footer.html.php template.html.php layout.css