currency core 0 string exchange_rate_api_key setting_exchange_rate_api_key 1 2.0.5 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string amazon_access_key setting_amazon_access_key 2 2.0.5 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string amazon_secret_key setting_amazon_secret_key 3 2.0.5 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string amazon_bucket setting_amazon_bucket 4 2.0.5 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 boolean amazon_bucket_created setting_amazon_bucket_created 5 2.0.5 0 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 boolean allow_cdn setting_allow_cdn 1 2.0.5 0 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string cdn_cname setting_cdn_cname 6 2.0.5 core 2.0.5 setting_group_currency currency core 2.0.5 setting_group_cdn_content_delivery_network cdn_content_delivery_network core 2.0.5 currency 1271403468 Currency core 2.0.5 currency_manager 1271403530 Currency Manager core 2.0.5 add_currency 1271403551 Add Currency core 2.0.5 u_s_dollars 1271404571 U.S. Dollars core 2.0.5 euros 1271404620 Euros core 2.0.5 pounds_sterling 1271404639 Pounds Sterling core 2.0.5 currencies 1271410326 Currencies core 2.0.5 custom_currency_sek 1271419828 Swedish Crown core 2.0.5 setting_group_currency 1272025108 CurrencyCurrency]]> core 2.0.5 setting_exchange_rate_api_key 1272025266 Exchange Rate APIIn order to get the latest exchange rates for the currencies being used we need to connect to a 3rd party website. To sign up for a free API key go here.]]> core 2.0.5 setting_group_cdn_content_delivery_network 1272361339 CDN (Content Delivery Network)CDN (Content Delivery Network)]]> core 2.0.5 setting_amazon_access_key 1272361405 Amazon Access KeyAdd your Amazon access key.]]> core 2.0.5 setting_amazon_secret_key 1272361721 Amazon Secret KeyAdd your Amazon secret key.]]> core 2.0.5 setting_amazon_bucket 1272361799 Amazon Bucket NameThis will automatically be created by the script. Leave this setting unless you want to manually create a bucket on Amazon.]]> core 2.0.5 setting_amazon_bucket_created 1272361978 Amazon Bucket CreatedThis setting is automatically updated by the script. Only edit this setting for debugging purposes.]]> core 2.0.5 setting_allow_cdn 1272362370 Enable CDN (Beta)Set this to "True" if you want to use CDN. Note that this feature is still in "Beta".]]> core 2.0.5 money_field_only_accepts_numbers_and_point 1271338945 The money fields can only have numbers and a point. Valid examples: 12.43 15 0.65 core 2.0.5 only_one_point_is_allowed 1271339014 In money fields only one point is allowed, valid examples: 23.12 19.54 30 core 2.0.5 money_fields_are_required 1271339939 If a money field is set, the others are required. You can leave them all empty or none. core 2.0.5 setting_cdn_cname 1273008398 CDN URL (Optional)If your CDN provider allows you to create a CNAME record you can add the domain here. Example: (]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_cookie_path 1213869795 Path to Save CookiesThe path to which the cookie is saved. If you run more than one site on the same domain, it will be necessary to set this to the individual directories of your site. Otherwise, just leave it as / . Please note that your path should always end in a forward-slash; for example '/community/', '/phpfox/' etc. Entering an invalid setting can leave you unable to login to your site.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_session_prefix 1214314437 Cookie PrefixPrefix for cookies and PHP sessions being set by the script. Warning: This value can only contain alphanumeric characters (eg. a-zA-Z0-9) Note that everyone will be forced to login again for security reasons.]]> core library core validator_check_routine_default 1271160844 2.0.5 core library core phpfox_parse_output_parse__start 1271160844 2.0.5 core library core editor_get 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 core library core parse_input_construct 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 core library core parse_input__removeevilattributes 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 core service core core.service_currency__construct 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 core service core core.service_currency_process__call 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 core controller core core.component_controller_admincp_currency_add_clean 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 core controller core core.component_controller_admincp_currency_index_clean 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 currency.html.php template.html.php style.css layout.css common.css forum.css profile.css rtl.css thickbox.css