formatting core 0 boolean enabled_edit_area setting_enabled_edit_area 5 2.0.7 1 ip_infodb core 0 string ip_infodb_api_key setting_ip_infodb_api_key 1 2.0.7 core 1 integer phpfox_total_users_online_mark setting_phpfox_total_users_online_mark 1 2.0.7 core 1 string phpfox_total_users_online_history setting_phpfox_total_users_online_history 1 2.0.7 core 1 boolean phpfox_is_hosted setting_phpfox_is_hosted 1 2.0.7 0 core 1 integer phpfox_max_users_online setting_phpfox_max_users_online 1 2.0.7 0 core 2.0.7 setting_group_ip_infodb ip_infodb core 2.0.7 setting_phpfox_total_users_online_mark 1287501316 Info on Total Users OnlineInfo on Total Users Online]]> core 2.0.7 setting_phpfox_total_users_online_history 1287579364 Info on Total Users Online HistoryInfo on Total Users Online History]]> core 2.0.7 your_website_has_surpassed_its_limit_on_how_many_active 1287591667 Your website has surpassed its limit on how many active users you can have online at once. Below you will find a log of how many users you had and a time stamp of when it happened. We advice for you to upgrade your account so you do not encounter these interruptions in the future. core 2.0.7 limit_warning 1287591678 Limit Warning core 2.0.7 online_usage_log 1287591694 Online Usage Log core 2.0.7 timestamp 1287591706 Timestamp core 2.0.7 users 1287591715 Users core 2.0.7 setting_phpfox_is_hosted 1287591800 phpFox HostedphpFox Hosted]]> core 2.0.7 setting_phpfox_max_users_online 1287591837 Max Users OnlineMax Users Online]]> core 2.0.7 saving 1288182996 Saving... core 2.0.7 loading_text_editor 1288281231 Loading text editor core 2.0.7 setting_enabled_edit_area 1288349480 Use Edit AreaEnable this to use EditArea when editing code (HTML, PHP etc...) within the AdminCP. This feature transforms a conventional form into a code editor.]]> core 2.0.7 setting_group_ip_infodb 1289988638 IP InfoDBFree IP address geolocation tools]]> core 2.0.7 setting_ip_infodb_api_key 1289988772 IP InfoDB API KeyIP InfoDB is a free IP address geolocation tools we use to find useful information about users based on their IP. Enter your free API key, which you can get here.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_cache_top_bloggers 1213878273 Cache Top BloggersSet this to True if we should cache the Top Bloggers. It always a good idea to cache such things as there is no need to run an extra query to the database to find out which users are the Top Bloggers as this requires counting all of the blogs added. Note that the setting cache_top_bloggers_limit controls how long to keep the cache.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_cache_top_bloggers_limit 1213878370 Top Bloggers Cache TimeDefine how long we should keep the cache for the Top Bloggers. Note this setting will have not affect if the setting cache_top_bloggers is disabled.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_feed_time_layout 1214141052 Time LayoutControl how old feeds can be by getting feeds that are X minutes, hours, days or months old. X is defined by the setting display_feeds_from.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_display_feeds_from 1214141228 Time LimitThis setting is used in conjunction with the setting feed_time_layout. Here you must define a number which will control how old a news feed can be.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_captcha_use_font 1214233090 Use Font (TTF)If enabled and if your server supports the PHP function [link=]imagettftext[/link] the Captcha routine will use a TTF (True Type Font) to create the text instead of using the default image processing string function. The font that will be used is controlled by the setting captcha_font:]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_build_file_dir 1215412887 Build DirectoriesIf set to True and items are added to the file/ directory they will be placed in separate folders for organization and security purposes. The file/ folder is used to store cached data or items uploaded by users. You can define how the directories will be built using the setting build_format. By default directories will be built using the Year/Month format. If an image would be uploaded on January 1st 2008 it would be placed in the folder: file/pic/photo/2008/01/ Notice: If you have PHP [link=""]Safe Mode[/link] enabled this feature might not work unless the file/ folder belongs to the same UID (owner) as the script.]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_build_format 1215414328 Build FormatThis setting controls how the setting build_format functions. This setting uses the PHP [link=""]date()[/link] function to control how directories are created within the file/ folder. By default we use Y/m. Y stands for a full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits (Eg. 2008). m stands for a numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros (Eg. 01). For more information regarding this setting you may follow up on the PHP function [link=""]here[/link].]]> core 2.0.0alpha1 setting_display_required 1217804762 Display Required FieldsWhen set to True forms that have both optional and "required" fields will have a asterisk (depending on what is set for the setting required_symbol).]]> core 2.0.0rc1 user_setting_user_is_banned 1249620562 Note: This option is intended only for "Banned" usergroup.]]> core 2.0.0rc1 setting_akismet_url 1251183367 Akismet URLAkismet URL. This is full path to your site.]]> core 2.0.0rc1 setting_akismet_password 1251183407 Akismet API KeyAkismet API key is a private key Akismet provides when you register for an account with them.]]> core library core ajax__construct 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core ajax_process 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core ajax_html 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core ajax_prepend 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core ajax_append 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core ajax_getcontent 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core ajax_getdata 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core ajax__ajaxsafe 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core module_setcontroller_start 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core module_setcontroller_end 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core module_getcontrollertemplate 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core get_module_blocks 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core module_getcomponent_start 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core module_getcomponent_gettemplate 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core image_helper_display_notfound 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core template_template_setbreadcrump 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core template_gettemplate 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core archive__construct 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core archive_export_set 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core archive_export_download 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core parse_output_fiximagewidth 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core parse_bbcode_preparse_end 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core parse_bbcode_parse_end 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core parse_bbcode_quote_start 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core parse_bbcode_quote_end 1286546859 2.0.7 core service core core.service_currency_getcurrency 1286546859 2.0.7 core library core template_getstaticversion 1290072896 2.0.7 core library core parse_bbcode__image 1290072896 2.0.7 core library core template_gettitle 1290094336 2.0.7 core