server_settings core 1 boolean load_jquery_from_google_cdn setting_load_jquery_from_google_cdn 11 2.1.0Beta1 0 server_settings core 1 string jquery_google_cdn_version setting_jquery_google_cdn_version 12 2.1.0Beta1 1.4.4 server_settings core 1 string jquery_ui_google_cdn_version setting_jquery_ui_google_cdn_version 13 2.1.0Beta1 1.8.7 core 2.1.0Beta1 setting_friends_only_community 1293613541 Friends Only CommunityBy enabling this option certain sections (eg. Blogs, Photos etc...), will by default only show items from the member and his or her friends list. Note: In order for this to work you must enable the option Section Privacy Item Browsing ]]>