cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 boolean enable_amazon_expire_urls setting_enable_amazon_expire_urls 9 3.1.0rc1 0 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 integer amazon_s3_expire_url_timeout setting_amazon_s3_expire_url_timeout 10 3.1.0rc1 60 server_settings core 0 boolean cache_js_css setting_cache_js_css 8 2.0.0alpha1 0 core 3.1.0rc1 setting_enable_amazon_expire_urls 1332254480 Enable Amazon Expiring URLsIf this setting is enabled and "Amazon Expire Timeout" is higher than zero, all paths to images taken from Amazon S3 will include a signature set to expire.
If this setting is enabled images uploaded to S3 will be set to private. If this setting is later disabled those images will remain private and they will not show on your site until you manually revert their privacy.
core 3.1.0rc1 setting_amazon_s3_expire_url_timeout 1332254771 Amazon Expire TimeoutHow many seconds will the urls to the images be valid for.]]>