search_engine_optimization core 0 boolean no_follow_on_external_links setting_no_follow_on_external_links 7 3.3.0beta1 0 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string rackspace_username setting_rackspace_username 11 3.3.0beta1 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string rackspace_key setting_rackspace_key 12 3.3.0beta1 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string rackspace_container setting_rackspace_container 13 3.3.0beta1 cdn_content_delivery_network core 0 string rackspace_url setting_rackspace_url 14 3.3.0beta1 core 3.3.0beta1 setting_no_follow_on_external_links 1336977764 Add rel="nofollow" on External LinksIf enabled this feature provides a way for webmasters to tell search engines to not follow any external links.]]> core 3.3.0beta1 setting_rackspace_username 1339346243 Rackspace UsernameEnter your Rackspace username.]]> core 3.3.0beta1 setting_rackspace_key 1339346279 Rackspace API KeyEnter your Rackspace API key.]]> core 3.3.0beta1 setting_rackspace_container 1339346351 Rackspace ContainerEnter your Rackspace container.]]> core 3.3.0beta1 setting_rackspace_url 1339349782 Rackspace Container URLEnter your Rackspace Container URL.]]> core 2.0.0rc5 welcome_email_subject 1256828898 Welcome to {site}