core 3.4.0rc1 gift_sent_successfully 1349857067 Gift sent successfully core 3.4.0rc1 you_are_about_to_gift_activity_points 1349857399 {full_name}. These points will be taken from your activity points.
At this moment you have {current} points available to gift.]]>
core 3.4.0rc1 you_only_have_one_point_available 1349857434 You only have one point available, do you want to give it away to {full_name}? core 3.4.0rc1 gift_points 1349857455 Gift Points core 3.4.0rc1 how_many_points_do_you_want_to_gift_away 1349857462 How many points do you want to gift away? core 3.4.0rc1 unfortunately_you_do_not_have_enough_points_to_gift_away 1349857479 Unfortunately you do not have enough points to gift away, but you can earn more points by being more active in the site.