facebook 2.0.7 or_login_with 1287493443 Or login with: facebook 2.0.7 facebook_connect_account_issues 1289310719 Facebook Connect Account Issues facebook 2.0.7 we_already_have_an_account_created_with_us 1289310877 We already have an account created with us with the same email you have on Facebook. Would you like to sync both accounts? facebook 2.0.7 note_that_if_you_sync_both_accounts 1289314457 Note that if you sync both accounts you will not be able to use the original account here other then logging in with Facebook Connect. facebook 2.0.7 yes_sync_both_accounts 1289314465 Yes, sync both accounts. facebook 2.0.7 no_do_not_sync_both_accounts 1289314474 No, do not sync both accounts. facebook 2.0.7 you_have_chosen_to_not_sync_both_accounts 1289314492 You have chosen to not sync both accounts. To complete this process please remove this Facebook Connection here: facebook 2.0.7 unable_to_login 1289314532 Unable to login. facebook 2.0.7 unable_to_fetch_your_facebook_account 1289314557 Unable to fetch your Facebook account. facebook 2.0.7 unable_to_fetch_your_full_name_from_facebook 1289314585 Unable to fetch your full name from Facebook. facebook controller facebook facebook.component_controller_sync_clean 1286546859 2.0.7 facebook controller facebook facebook.component_controller_account_clean 1290072896 2.0.7 facebook controller facebook facebook.component_controller_frame_clean 1290072896 2.0.7