feed phpfox 0 1 0 module_feed 0 10 F j, Y g:i a 4 0 3 2 0 0 YourSite 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 30 260 300 Group Feeds Activity Feed Activity Feed Feed Timeline Feed Feed Time StampsTime stamps displayed on feeds.]]> Can post a comment on a feed? Allow Comments On FeedsSet to True if you would like to allow comments on news feeds.]]> Comment Cutoff on FeedsDefine the cutoff for comments in each feed.]]> Array of Display Limits (User Selection)This array defines what users can select to modify the global display limit of feeds on their dashboard and profile.]]> Can remove feeds from their dashboard? Can remove feeds from their own profile? Allow Comments in FeedsBy enabling this option you will allow members to add comments in feeds.]]> You do not have permission to add a comment on this persons profile. Posting a comment a little too soon. Add some text to your comment. Updates Invalid user. Missing feed ID# Invalid feed ID# {full_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. {link}]]> Adding your comment Comment cancel Post View More {user_link} wrote... {viewer_full_name} wrote on {owner_full_name}'s profile...]]> Show {total_left} more comments... Total feeds to display Save Cancel Allow Rating of FeedsEnable this option to allow users to rate feeds.]]> Are you sure? Can delete own feed? Can delete other feeds? Delete Feed successfully deleted. {owner_full_name} commented on {viewer_full_name}'s feed.]]> {owner_full_name} commented on their own feed.]]> Write a comment... Loading... Hide Viewing Feed with a Comment: #{id} Viewing Feed: #{id} View All {full_name} wrote on their own profile.]]> Edit The activity feed you are looking for does not exist. Nobody likes this. You like this. People who like this {user_link} likes this. You and {user_link} like this. and You other person others like this Like Unlike {user_link_owner} and {user_link} like this. The feed you are trying to like/unlike does not exist any longer. {full_name} likes your status.]]> Enable "Like" SystemWith this feature enabled it will allow users to "like/unlike" certain feeds. Not all feeds support the "like/unlike" feature.]]> Successfully added your comment Successfully liked this feed Successfully unliked this feed Not a valid feed. {total} Comments 1 Comment Comments Profile Comments Profile comment(s) successfully approved. Nothing to approve at this time. Profile comment(s) successfully deleted. Profile Feed Comments ID# Owner Profile Posted On Content Approve Selected Deny Selected Cache FeedsValue is in minutes. This greatly improves performance on sites with a medium to large user base]]> Total Likes to DisplayDefine how many users should be displayed when an item/feed is Liked.]]> Group Duplicate FeedsDefine how many feeds to group when a user posts a feed that is part of the same item group (eg. Photo, Blogs, Status Update etc...). If you set this to "0" (without quotes) this will not group any feeds. Note this feature only works on the global activity feed and not on the users profile and is designed to prevent content SPAM.]]> Height for Resized VideosIf the setting "Resize Embedded Videos" (in Content Formatting) is enabled, how tall should the embedded video be? Please remember that this setting depends on "Resize Embedded Videos" to be enabled.]]> Width for Resized VideosIf the setting "Resize Embedded Videos" (in Content Formatting) is enabled, how wide should the embedded video be? Please remember that this setting depends on "Resize Embedded Videos" to be enabled.]]> Refresh Activity Feed (Seconds)This setting controls if you want to find new updates in the activity feed without having the user to refresh the page. This will use AJAX and the value of this setting has to be a number in seconds. If you want this feature to be disabled set it to the number zero (0).]]> Feed Limit (Days)This setting controls how many days we should look back when displaying feeds. If you set this to 0 it will look for all the feeds. We advice to add a limit to keep your site fresh. Note that this setting does not apply when viewing a users profile as it will list all of their feeds.]]> Share Status Write something... Post as Share This On Facebook Twitter 1 new update new updates]]> Recent Activity There are no new feeds to view at this time. Delete this feed Play See {total} more posts from {full_name} Tweet Report posted a blog. created a poll. is now friends with updated {gender} profile photo. {parent_full_name}'s wall.]]> shared a video a video on {parent_full_name}'s wall.]]> created an event. created a listing. shared a song. {album_name}".]]> updated {gender} profile information. shared a photo shared a few photos {name}"]]> {full_name} on {gender} photo.]]> {full_name} on {photo_full_name} photo.]]> created a quiz. {title}".]]> {full_name}'s thread "{title}".]]> posted a thread. Feed Deletion Unable to delete this entry. News Feed {full_name} commented on one of your wall comments. {link}]]> {full_name} commented on one of {gender} wall comments. {link}]]> {link}]]> Unable to post a comment on this item due to privacy settings. {users} commented on one of {gender} wall comments {users} commented on one of your wall comments {row_full_name}'s wall comments]]> {users} commented on {gender} wall {users} commented on your wall {row_full_name} wall]]> {parent_full_name}'s wall]]> {full_name}'s comment "{content}"]]> Activity Feed Twitter Share VIAProvide your sites Twitter profile user name.]]> Status Update: #{iId} Link: #{iId} Poke: #{iId} Wall Comment: #{iId} Feed {full_name} wrote a comment on your wall. wall. To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> News Feed Comments on Profiles shared... Successfully shared this item on your friends wall. Successfully shared this item. Force TimelineEnable this feature to force the activity feed on a users profile to use a Timeline.]]> Feeds in the PastIf this option is enabled and the Timeline feature is also enabled users will be able to add feeds from their profile in the past.]]> Timeline OptionalIf the setting "Force Timeline" is disabled and this setting is enabled users can choose if they want to convert their profiles into a Timeline.]]> Now Set a Date Add Comments as FeedsIf this setting is enabled it will add comments that are added to items such as videos, blogs, photos etc... as its own feed entry.]]> Sort Top Stories Most Recent Update Feed Time Stamps Update Feed Time Stamps for Pages Update Feed Time Stamps for Events Report this entry {parent_full_name}'s wall.]]> can_post_comment_on_feed can_remove_feeds_from_dashboard can_remove_feeds_from_profile can_delete_own_feed can_delete_other_feeds