feed 0 boolean enable_like_system setting_enable_like_system 1 2.0.0rc12 0 feed 2.0.0rc12 nobody_likes_this 1260439366 Nobody likes this. feed 2.0.0rc12 you_like_this 1260439664 You like this. feed 2.0.0rc12 people_who_like_this 1260439672 People who like this feed 2.0.0rc12 user_link_likes_this 1260439694 {user_link} likes this. feed 2.0.0rc12 you_and_user_link_like_this 1260439746 You and {user_link} like this. feed 2.0.0rc12 and 1260439790 and feed 2.0.0rc12 you 1260439797 You feed 2.0.0rc12 other_person 1260439817 other person feed 2.0.0rc12 others 1260439830 others feed 2.0.0rc12 like_this 1260439841 like this feed 2.0.0rc12 like 1260439890 Like feed 2.0.0rc12 unlike 1260439897 Unlike feed 2.0.0rc12 you_have_already_liked_this_feed 1260440751 feed 2.0.0rc12 user_link_and_user_link_like_this 1260445733 {user_link_owner} and {user_link} like this. feed 2.0.0rc12 the_feed_you_are_trying_to_like_unlike_does_not_exist_any_longer 1260459851 The feed you are trying to like/unlike does not exist any longer. feed 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_your_a_href_link_status_a 1260475302 {full_name} likes your status.]]> feed 2.0.0rc12 setting_enable_like_system 1260830264 Enable "Like" SystemWith this feature enabled it will allow users to "like/unlike" certain feeds. Not all feeds support the "like/unlike" feature. Notice: This feature is experimental and is not stable.]]> feed 2.0.0rc2 setting_integrate_comments_into_feeds 1252753029 Allow Comments in FeedsBy enabling this option you will allow members to add comments in feeds.]]> 0 profile.index feed display 2 1 7 1 <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> </phpfox_update_blocks> <update_templates> <file type="block">display.html.php</file> <file type="block">entry.html.php</file> </update_templates> </upgrade>