feed 2.0.0rc3 you_do_not_have_permission_to_add_a_comment_on_this_persons_profile 1254466421 You do not have permission to add a comment on this persons profile. feed 2.0.0rc3 posting_a_comment_a_little_too_soon 1254466440 Posting a comment a little too soon. feed 2.0.0rc3 add_some_text_to_your_comment 1254466451 Add some text to your comment. feed 2.0.0rc3 updates 1254466478 Updates feed 2.0.0rc3 invalid_user 1254466543 Invalid user. feed 2.0.0rc3 missing_feed_id 1254466556 Missing feed ID# feed 2.0.0rc3 invalid_feed_id 1254466565 Invalid feed ID# feed 2.0.0rc3 full_name_left_you_a_comment_on_site_title 1254466611 {full_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. feed 2.0.0rc3 full_name_left_you_a_comment_on_site_title_to_view_this_comment 1254466675 {link}]]> feed 2.0.0rc3 on_name_s_feed 1254466723 feed 2.0.0rc3 adding_your_comment 1254466821 Adding your comment feed 2.0.0rc3 comment 1254466836 Comment feed 2.0.0rc3 cancel 1254466844 cancel feed 2.0.0rc3 post 1254466883 Post feed 2.0.0rc3 view_more 1254466897 View More feed 2.0.0rc3 user_link_wrote 1254467370 {user_link} wrote... feed 2.0.0rc3 viewer_full_name_wrote_on_owner_full_name_s_profile 1254467724 {viewer_full_name} wrote on {owner_full_name}'s profile...]]> feed 2.0.0rc3 show_total_left_more_comments 1254468247 Show {total_left} more comments... feed 2.0.0rc3 total_feeds_to_display 1254468363 Total feeds to display feed 2.0.0rc3 save 1254468372 Save feed 2.0.0rc3 cancel_uppercase 1254468388 Cancel setting.html.php entry.html.php display.html.php