feed 0 integer total_likes_to_display setting_total_likes_to_display 1 3.0.0Beta1 3 feed 0 integer group_duplicate_feeds setting_group_duplicate_feeds 1 3.0.0Beta1 2 feed 0 integer refresh_activity_feed setting_refresh_activity_feed 1 3.0.0beta1 0 feed 0 boolean allow_rating_of_feeds setting_allow_rating_of_feeds 1 2.0.0rc4 0 feed 0 boolean enable_like_system setting_enable_like_system 1 2.0.0rc12 1 feed 3.0.0Beta1 setting_total_likes_to_display 1295002683 Total Likes to DisplayDefine how many users should be displayed when an item/feed is Liked.]]> feed 3.0.0Beta1 setting_group_duplicate_feeds 1296125315 Group Duplicate FeedsDefine how many feeds to group when a user posts a feed that is part of the same item group (eg. Photo, Blogs, Status Update etc...). If you set this to "0" (without quotes) this will not group any feeds. Note this feature only works on the global activity feed and not on the users profile and is designed to prevent content SPAM.]]> feed 3.0.0beta1 setting_refresh_activity_feed 1309267841 Refresh Activity Feed (Seconds)This setting controls if you want to find new updates in the activity feed without having the user to refresh the page. This will use AJAX and the value of this setting has to be a number in seconds. If you want this feature to be disabled set it to the number zero (0).]]> feed 2.0.0rc12 setting_enable_like_system 1260830264 Enable "Like" SystemWith this feature enabled it will allow users to "like/unlike" certain feeds. Not all feeds support the "like/unlike" feature.]]> 0 group.view feed display 2 1 12 0 Group Feeds 0 event.view feed display 4 1 7 0 Activity Feed 0 core.index-member feed display 2 1 12 0 Activity Feed 0 profile.index feed display 2 1 4 1 <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>core.index-visitor</m_connection> <module_id>feed</module_id> <component>display</component> <location>2</location> <is_active>0</is_active> <ordering>7</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title>Activity Feed