feed 0 integer feed_limit_days setting_feed_limit_days 1 3.0.0beta3 0 feed 1 array user_feed_display_limit setting_user_feed_display_limit 1 2.0.0beta3 feed 1 boolean allow_rating_of_feeds setting_allow_rating_of_feeds 1 2.0.0rc4 0 feed 1 boolean enable_like_system setting_enable_like_system 1 2.0.0rc12 1 feed 1 integer display_feeds_from setting_display_feeds_from 0 2.0.0alpha1 30 feed 1 integer height_for_resized_videos setting_height_for_resized_videos 1 2.1.0beta2 260 feed 1 integer width_for_resized_videos setting_width_for_resized_videos 1 2.1.0beta2 300 feed 3.0.0beta3 setting_feed_limit_days 1316518935 Feed Limit (Days)This setting controls how many days we should look back when displaying feeds. If you set this to 0 it will look for all the feeds. We advice to add a limit to keep your site fresh. Note that this setting does not apply when viewing a users profile as it will list all of their feeds.]]>