feed 0 boolean force_timeline setting_force_timeline 1 3.3.0beta1 0 feed 0 boolean can_add_past_dates setting_can_add_past_dates 1 3.3.0beta1 1 feed 0 boolean timeline_optional setting_timeline_optional 1 3.3.0beta1 0 feed 3.3.0beta1 shared 1336400814 shared... feed 3.3.0beta1 successfully_shared_this_item_on_your_friends_wall 1336400863 Successfully shared this item on your friends wall. feed 3.3.0beta1 successfully_shared_this_item 1336400883 Successfully shared this item. feed 3.3.0beta1 setting_force_timeline 1337095087 Force TimelineEnable this feature to force the activity feed on a users profile to use a Timeline.]]> feed 3.3.0beta1 setting_can_add_past_dates 1338364887 Feeds in the PastIf this option is enabled and the Timeline feature is also enabled users will be able to add feeds from their profile in the past.]]> feed 3.3.0beta1 setting_timeline_optional 1339423430 Timeline OptionalIf the setting "Force Timeline" is disabled and this setting is enabled users can choose if they want to convert their profiles into a Timeline.]]> feed component feed feed.component_block_mini_clean 1339076699 3.3.0beta1 feed time feed 0 1 1 0 profile.index feed time 3 1 4 0 Feed Timeline 0 profile.index feed display 2 1 7 0 <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> </phpfox_update_blocks> <sql><![CDATA[a:1:{s:9:"ADD_FIELD";a:1:{s:11:"phpfox_feed";a:1:{s:14:"parent_feed_id";a:4:{i:0;s:7:"UINT:10";i:1;s:1:"0";i:2;s:0:"";i:3;s:2:"NO";}}}}]]></sql> </upgrade>