feed 0 boolean add_feed_for_comments setting_add_feed_for_comments 1 3.4.0beta1 0 feed 1 boolean integrate_comments_into_feeds setting_integrate_comments_into_feeds 1 2.0.0rc2 0 feed 3.4.0beta1 setting_add_feed_for_comments 1347341347 Add Comments as FeedsIf this setting is enabled it will add comments that are added to items such as videos, blogs, photos etc... as its own feed entry.]]> feed 3.4.0beta1 sort 1347362981 Sort feed 3.4.0beta1 top_stories 1347362989 Top Stories feed 3.4.0beta1 most_recent 1347362995 Most Recent feed 3.4.0beta1 update_feed_time_stamps 1347363856 Update Feed Time Stamps feed 3.4.0beta1 update_feed_time_stamps_for_pages 1347363870 Update Feed Time Stamps for Pages feed 3.4.0beta1 update_feed_time_stamps_for_events 1347363879 Update Feed Time Stamps for Events 0 core.index-member feed display 2 1 9 0 Activity Feed