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Total Tag DisplayDefine how many tags should be displayed within the tag cloud for the forum.]]> Total Forum Post PreviewDefine how many posts can be previewed when adding a new reply to a thread.]]> Note: Set to 0 if there should be no limit.]]> Define how many minutes this user group should wait before they can post a new reply to a thread. Note: Set to 0 if there should be no limit. Forum Latest Forum Topics List of the latest topics from our public forum. RSS Feed within ForumsSet to True to enable RSS feeds for each forum.]]> RSS Feed on ThreadsSet to True to enable RSS feeds on threads.]]> Points received when adding a thread/post within the forum. Only members can add a reply to threads. Thread is closed for posting. Insufficient permission to reply to this thread. Posting a reply a little too soon. Select moderators. Done! Not permitted to move threads. Thread successfully moved. You are not permitted to move this thread to this specific forum. Successfully copied the thread. You are not permitted to copy this thread to this specific forum. Unstick Thread Stick Thread Thread successfully unstuck. Thread successfully stuck. Open Thread Thread successfully closed. Close Thread Thread successfully opened. Not allowed to merge threads from this specific forum. Threads successfully merged. Not a valid thread to copy. Not a valid thread to move. Recent Topics Provide a name for your forum. Forum successfully updated. Forum successfully added. Editing Forum Create New Form Forum order successfully updated. Forum successfully deleted. Manage Forums Successfully unsubscribed to thread(s). Successfully subscribed to thread(s). No results found. Not a valid forum. Forum Tags Threads tagged with Search New Posts My Threads Subscriptions Group Forum Forum section is closed. Not a valid thread. Insufficient permission to edit this thread. Forum is closed. Provide a title for your thread. Provide some text. Thread successfully updated. Posting a new thread a little too soon. Editing Thread Post New Thread Not a valid post. Thread is closed. Thread is an announcement. Not allowed to leave a reply. Editing Post Post New Reply Forum successfully marked as read. RSS feeds are disabled for threads. Not a valid group. Latest threads in group forum Latest threads on Thread Can edit posts? Can delete posts? Can post announcements? Can stick threads? Can move threads? Can copy threads? Can close threads? Can merge threads? Can reply to threads? Can post a new thread? Latest posts in Latest forum posts on {link}]]> Not a valid forum URL. Missing forum path. Not a valid forum URL. Missing thread ID. Not a valid forum URL. Thread is not valid. Not a valid forum URL. Merging thread is not valid. You cannot merge the same thread. You cannot merge this thread as it belongs to another group/forum. Select a forum this announcement will belong to. {owner_full_name} added a new thread "{title}"]]> View Forum Forum Posts {full_name} replied to the thread "{title}".]]> Forum Subscriptions Forum Post Text Post Time Author Replies Subject Views Last Day Last 2 Days Last Week Last 10 Days Last 2 Weeks Last Month Last 45 Days Last 2 Months Last 75 Days Last 100 Days Last Year Beginning Latest threads in Are you sure? Notice! This will delete all child forums and any threads, posts, announcements that belong to those forums. This cannot be undone. Global Moderator Permissions Moderator Permissions cancel Provide a reply. Adding your reply Are you sure? Post successfully deleted. Post and thread successfully deleted. Thread successfully deleted. Manage Moderators Moderators Forums Yes No Save New Title Copying Destination Forum Copy Thread Sub-Forum Threads Posts Last Post Forum is Closed for Posting Forum Contains No New Posts Forum Contains New Posts Moderated by on {time_stamp_phrase}]]> Sub-Forums URL Merge Threads Move Thread Moving No forum threads. Posted by {user_link} on {time_stamp_phrase} Location Registered Topic {title} posted in {forum_name}.]]> Last update on {time_stamp} by {update_user}. Edit this post. Delete this post. Report a Post Multi-Quote this message. No new posts Sticky by {user_link} on {time_stamp_phrase} {forum_name}]]> by {user_link} All times are GMT{time_zone}. The time now is {current_time}. Forum Details Name Parent Forum Select Is a Category Closed Description Cancel No forums created yet. Create a New Forum Edit Forum Add Child Forum Delete Forum Update Order Subscribe to this forum. New Thread Forum Tools Mark This Forum Read Search This Forum Show Threads Show Posts Advanced Search Announcements )]]> Subscribe Unsubscribe Submit Display From Sort By Nothing found. No threads were posted yet. Be the First to Post a Thread. Quick Links Mark Forums Read Subscribed Threads Go No forums have been created. Statistics Message Type Announcement Select a parent forum Announcement will be included in child forums. Topic Preview (Newest First) here to review the whole thread.]]> Search for keyword(s) Search for author Find in forum Display results as Subscribe to this thread. New Reply Thread Tools Edit Thread Delete Thread Quick Reply Reply Post Quick Reply Go Advanced {full_name} replied to the thread "{title}".]]> Display Options Additional Options Title Can browse and view the forum module? Forum Thread/Post Count {full_name} likes your forum thread.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own forum thread.]]> {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s forum thread.]]> {full_name} likes your forum post.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own forum reply.]]> {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s forum reply.]]> Viewing Single Post Forum User Post Count Update Forum Last Post Can members of this user group mark a thread as sponsored? Sponsor You are not allowed to mark threads as sponsor. Can members of this user group purchase a sponsored ad space? Unsponsor Thread Successfully Sponsored Thread Successfully Unsponsored How much is the sponsor space worth for forum threads? This works in a CPM basis. That thread is no longer available Forum thread: {sThreadTitle} Sponsor of forum thread: {sThreadTitle} After the user has purchased a sponsored space, should the thread be published right away? If set to false, the admin will have to approve each new purchased sponsored thread space before it is shown in the site. Forum Global Time StampThis is the time stamp that is displayed at the bottom of the forum.]]> Approve threads before they are displayed publicly? Can approve forum threads? Thread is pending approval. Approve Thread Thread Approved on {site_title} {link}]]> Forum Threads Can approve threads? Can approve posts? Approve forum posts before they are displayed publicly? Your post has successfully been added, however it is pending an Admins approval before it can be displayed publicly. Approve this forum post. Can approve forum posts? Forum Post Approved on {site_title} {link}]]> Database TrackingIf this option is enabled it will track users by storing the threads they have viewed in the database. As opposed to storing recent threads in cookies and basing if a user has viewed a thread or not on several time stamps. With this feature enabled it is much more accurate, however it requires extra server resources and on large forums it is best to disable this feature.]]> After the user has purchased a sponsored space, should the thread be published right away? If set to false, the admin will have to approve each new purchased sponsored thread before it is shown in the site. You have already given your thanks for this post. Give your Thanks! Remove this Thank You! Manage Permissions Can manage forum permissions? You do not have the proper permission to view this thread. User Groups User Group Select a user group to assign special permissions for this specific forum. Forum Permissions Reset Can view forum? Can view thread content? Poll Results Poll Attach Poll Delete Click to delete this poll. Can attach polls to forum threads? The following users say Thank You to {full_name} for this useful post Search Options Reply Multi-Quoting Post a Reply Add some text. Forum Statistics Pending Threads Pending Posts by {full_name} on {time} Moderate This thread contains a poll. Posted in via Report Edit Forum Tags No threads found. {full_name} liked one of your forum posts {title}" To view this post follow the link below: {link}]]> {row_full_name}'s forum post in the thread "{title}"]]> Post a New Thread Who can start a discussion? Who can view/browse discussions? View Additional Options Update View Thread Pages Discussions Unable to view this item due to privacy settings. Approve Thread(s) successfully approved. Thread(s) successfully deleted. Post(s) successfully approved. Post(s) successfully deleted. Report this post Thread contains new posts. Replying to a post by {full_name} Forum getForRss(Phpfox::getParam('rss.total_rss_display'));]]> can_stick_thread can_close_a_thread can_post_announcement can_delete_own_post can_delete_other_posts can_add_new_forum can_edit_forum can_manage_forum_moderators can_delete_forum can_edit_own_post can_edit_other_posts can_move_forum_thread can_copy_forum_thread can_merge_forum_threads can_multi_quote_forum can_reply_to_own_thread can_reply_on_other_threads can_add_new_thread can_add_forum_attachments can_add_tags_on_threads enable_captcha_on_posting forum_thread_flood_control forum_post_flood_control points_forum can_view_forum can_sponsor_thread can_purchase_sponsor forum_thread_sponsor_price auto_publish_sponsored_thread approve_forum_thread can_approve_forum_thread approve_forum_post can_approve_forum_post can_thank_on_forum_posts can_delete_thanks_by_other_users can_manage_forum_permissions can_add_poll_to_forum_thread array( 'url' => 'discussions', 'sub_forums' => array( 'General' => 'general', 'Movies' => 'movies', 'Music' => 'music' ) ), 'Computers & Technology' => array( 'url' => 'computers-technology', 'sub_forums' => array( 'Computers' => 'computers', 'Electronics' => 'electronics', 'Gadgets' => 'gadgets', 'General' => 'general' ) ) ); $iCategoryOrder = 0; foreach ($aForumCategories as $sCategory => $aForum) { $iCategoryOrder++; $iForumId = $this->database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('forum'), array( 'is_category' => 1, 'name' => $sCategory, 'name_url' => $aForum['url'], 'ordering' => $iCategoryOrder ) ); $iForumOrder = 0; foreach ($aForum['sub_forums'] as $sName => $sUrl) { $iForumOrder++; $this->database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('forum'), array( 'parent_id' => $iForumId, 'name' => $sName, 'name_url' => $sUrl, 'ordering' => $iForumOrder ) ); } } ]]>