time_stamps forum 0 string global_forum_timezone setting_global_forum_timezone 3 2.0.5 g:i a forum 2.0.5 user_setting_can_sponsor_thread 1269951006 Can members of this user group mark a thread as sponsored? forum 2.0.5 sponsor 1269951526 Sponsor forum 2.0.5 you_are_not_allowed_to_mark_threads_as_sponsor 1269952247 You are not allowed to mark threads as sponsor. forum 2.0.5 user_setting_can_purchase_sponsor 1271152478 Can members of this user group purchase a sponsored ad space? forum 2.0.5 unsponsor 1271159396 Unsponsor forum 2.0.5 thread_successfully_sponsored 1271161358 Thread Successfully Sponsored forum 2.0.5 thread_successfully_unsponsored 1271161410 Thread Successfully Unsponsored forum 2.0.5 user_setting_forum_thread_sponsor_price 1271847763 How much is the sponsor space worth for forum threads? This works in a CPM basis. forum 2.0.5 sponsor_error_not_found 1272005806 That thread is no longer available forum 2.0.5 sponsor_title 1272005846 Forum thread: {sThreadTitle} forum 2.0.5 sponsor_paypal_message 1272005907 Sponsor of forum thread: {sThreadTitle} forum 2.0.5 user_setting_auto_publish_sponsored_item 1272006656 After the user has purchased a sponsored space, should the thread be published right away? If set to false, the admin will have to approve each new purchased sponsored thread space before it is shown in the site. forum 2.0.5 setting_global_forum_timezone 1273245857 Forum Global Time StampThis is the time stamp that is displayed at the bottom of the forum.]]> 0 forum boolean false false false false forum 0 can_sponsor_thread 0 forum boolean false false false false forum 0 can_purchase_sponsor 0 forum string null null null null forum 0 forum_thread_sponsor_price 0 forum boolean true false false false forum 0 auto_publish_sponsored_thread forum service forum forum.service_thread_process_sponsor__end 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 forum component forum forum.component_ajax_get_text 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 forum template forum forum.template_controller_thread_form_quick_reply 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 forum.html.php thread.html.php post.html.php thread-entry.html.php