forum 0 boolean forum_database_tracking setting_forum_database_tracking 1 2.0.5dev2 1 forum 2.0.5dev1 user_setting_approve_forum_thread 1274844636 Approve threads before they are displayed publicly? forum 2.0.5dev1 user_setting_can_approve_forum_thread 1274845237 Can approve forum threads? forum 2.0.5dev1 thread_is_pending_approval 1274845561 Thread is pending approval. forum 2.0.5dev1 approve_thread 1274845632 Approve Thread forum 2.0.5dev1 thread_approved_on_site_title 1274927037 Thread Approved on {site_title} forum 2.0.5dev1 your_thread_title_on_site_title_has_been_approved 1274927265 {link}]]> forum 2.0.5dev1 forum_threads 1274927850 Forum Threads forum 2.0.5dev1 can_approve_threads 1274931426 Can approve threads? forum 2.0.5dev1 can_approve_posts 1274931944 Can approve posts? forum 2.0.5dev1 user_setting_approve_forum_post 1274932013 Approve forum posts before they are displayed publicly? forum 2.0.5dev1 your_post_has_successfully_been_added_however_it_is_pending_an_admins_approval_before_it_can_be_displayed_publicly 1274932351 Your post has successfully been added, however it is pending an Admins approval before it can be displayed publicly. forum 2.0.5dev1 approve_this_forum_post 1274932988 Approve this forum post. forum 2.0.5dev1 user_setting_can_approve_forum_post 1274933104 Can approve forum posts? forum 2.0.5dev1 forum_post_approved_on_site_title 1274933764 Forum Post Approved on {site_title} forum 2.0.5dev1 your_post_that_is_part_of_the_forum_thread_title_on_site_title 1274933802 {link}]]> forum 2.0.5dev2 setting_forum_database_tracking 1275199323 Database TrackingIf this option is enabled it will track users by storing the threads they have viewed in the database. As opposed to storing recent threads in cookies and basing if a user has viewed a thread or not on several time stamps. With this feature enabled it is much more accurate, however it requires extra server resources and on large forums it is best to disable this feature.]]> 0 forum boolean 0 0 0 0 forum 0 approve_forum_thread 0 forum boolean 1 0 0 1 forum 0 can_approve_forum_thread 0 forum boolean 0 0 0 0 forum 0 approve_forum_post 0 forum boolean 1 0 0 1 forum 0 can_approve_forum_post thread.html.php post.html.php thread-entry.html.php post.html.php