friend phpfox 0 1 0 10 6 1 7 5 0 friends, buddies 50 0 1440 0 0 100 1 0 <![CDATA[{phrase var='friend.friends_online'}]]> <![CDATA[{phrase var='friend.friends'}]]> <![CDATA[{phrase var='event.upcoming_events'}]]> <![CDATA[{phrase var='friend.mutual_friends'}]]> <![CDATA[{phrase var='friend.suggestions'}]]> Mutual Friends Birthdays Friends Top Friends Online Friends Create New List... Edit Lists View List Can add friends? Can add custom folders? Friend Requests Display TotalHow many friend requests should be displayed when a user accepts requests?]]> All Friends Pending Requests Friends Friends Display LimitDefine how many friends should be displayed on a users profile and dashboard.]]> Total Friends Display (User Selection)Define how many friends a user can select to be displayed on their dashboard or profile.]]> Can remove friends block from their profile? Can remove their friends block from their dashboard? Enable Birthday NoticesWhen enabled users will see a list of their friends upcoming birthdays.]]> How many days in advance to check for birthdaysThis setting tells how many days in advance should the script check for. Setting it to a number too high may beat the purpose of the feature. The results from this feature cannot be cached, so it is prone to becoming a slow down for your site. Keep in mind that you can disable this feature altogether in the setting friend.enable_birthday_notices]]> Birthdays Cache Time OutShowing your friend's birthdays in the dashboard has a cost in database calls, therefore we cache it to save time and avoid extra calls. This setting tells how often should the cache be refreshed, its set in hours so if you set it to 5 it means that every 5 hours the list of friends whose birthday is coming soon will be refreshed. This is helpful for new sign ups whose birthday is within 1 day. This setting complements days_to_check_for_birthday and is useless if enable_birthday_notices is disabled.]]> Show Empty BirthdaysWhen enabled the site will show the block in the dashboard regardless if the user has friends whose birthday is coming or not. Disabling it does not mean a performance optimization since the contents are already cached.]]> Birthday E-Cards Friends Meta KeywordsMeta keywords used when in relation to the Friend module.]]> Your message has been sent. Friend request successfully sent. You have reached your limit. Done! Top Friends Remove from your Top Friends List Add to your Top Friends List Friends successfully moved. Friend successfully removed. Friend Lists View All Friends Birthdays My Friends Search Friends Invalid friend list. Successfully deleted. Birthday E-Cards Friends request successfully deleted. Pending Friend Requests {user_link} has closed their friends section. {full_name} is on {site_title} and has {total} friends. {full_name} is connected with {friends}. Sign up on {site_title} and connect with {full_name}, message {full_name}, or add {full_name} as your friend. Not a valid user to be friends with. You are already friends with this user. Friends Request {full_name} added you as a friend on {site_title}. {link}]]> No friends requests. {total})]]> {full_name} are now friends.]]> {friend} are now friends.]]> {full_name} and {viewer_image}{friend} are now friends.]]> {full_name} and {viewer_image}{friend} are now friends.]]> New Friend Friend Request {user_link} wished you a happy birthday. View Friends {user_link} asked to be your friend. {full_name} confirmed you as a friend on {site_title}. {link}]]> {full_name} wishes you a happy birthday on {site_title}. {link}]]> Adding New List Updating Delete Update Cancel Add {total} friend {total} friends Friend Requests You are now friends with {user_link}. Add to a friend list... Lists... Create a New List... Create Show all lists... {user_link} wrote Accept Deny No birthdays coming up. Birthday E-Card Send a Birthday E-Card to {full_name}. Send {full_name} a message. 1 Day Today! {days_left} days Message (Optional) Send E-Card View Friends Online Edit Top Friends Find friends by name or email. You have not added any friends yet. Search For Friends Browse Members You have already asked {full_name} to be your friend. {full_name} has already asked to be your friend. Would you like to accept their request to be friends? Yes No Cannot add yourself as a friend. You are already friends with {full_name}. {user_link} will have to confirm that you are friends. Add a personal message... Add a personal message Write your message within 250 characters. Add Friend Search by email, full name or user name. View All Friends Online Friends Friends List Find Sorry, no friends were found. Use Selected Save Select None All Move to List... Message Age Gender Location Remove from Top Add to Top Toggle No friends. No birthday messages found. Remove this friends request. {user_link} has not added any friends. Browse Other Members In order to view this item posted by {user_link} you need to be on their friends list. Send a Friends Request to {full_name} Thank you for your request to join our group. Your membership will first have to be approved. Successfully deleted the group. Group invitation successfully sent! Top Online There are no pending friends requests. Mutual Friends 1 friend in common {total} friends in common Friends Online Suggestions Add to Friends Friend Suggestions Mutual friends will be listed here. Videos The following users are already a member of our community Requests You do not have any friends requests at the moment. Friends Requests View Friend Request: #{id} Viewing Friends Request: #{id} Search for Members Search for Your Friends Total friends Provide a name for your list. Accepting friends request No friends online. Select All Unselect All Friends Suggestion Friends Check CountWhen performing the search to find friend suggestions for your members it will pull out X amount of users, where X is the numerical value of how many friends to search.]]> Friend SuggestionsEnable this if you want to suggest friends to your members when they visit their dashboard. You can control the search criteria on what defines a friend to suggest. This feature requires a lot of extra server resources in order to perform such a search. Each search result is cached for X minutes (where you can control X). Notice: This feature is experimental and is not stable. ]]> Refresh Friend SuggestionsDefine how long to wait till we run the search to find friends to suggest to a member in minutes.]]> Check Location for Friend SuggestionsEnable this option in order for us to pick up friend suggestions for your members based on the Country, State/Province and City they live in.]]> We are unable to find any friends to suggest at this time. Once we do you will be notified within our Dashboard. Finding another suggestion... Hide this suggestion Friend Hide Unselect (optional) No search results found. No friends found. Search Loading... Hide denied requests from pending listIf enabled, friend requests that were denied will be hidden from the Pending Friend Requests list.]]> (Based on privacy settings this user cannot be selected) Friends Cache LimitCertain features on the site pick up on the users friends list especially when running a search for a friend. In order to provide a "live" feel to search results we cache in advance X (where X is this settings value) number of friends in memory. Making it easier for users to find their friends instantly.]]> Sent ECards Invoices Id Status Price Date Sent To You do not have any invoices From Created Paid Allow Friend Requests from Blocked usersIf userA blocks userB, should userB be able to send a friend request to userA?]]> No new requests. Moderate Relationship request 1 mutual friend {total} mutual friends View More Send a Message View Profile See All Friend Requests Search Friends... Newest Friends By First Name Custom Order List successfully deleted. Incoming Requests Pending Requests You have 1 new friend request You have {total} new friend requests Delete List Edit Name Display on Profile Remove from Profile Change Order Remove This Friend Submit Remove Friend List successfully created. Successfully added this list to your profile. Profile Friend Lists Order successfully saved List Order You must enable DND mode. Block was deleted Cant delete it Tomorrow After Tomorrow Today and {full_name} added you as a friend Gets a full list of friends for a specific user. If you do not pass the #{USER_ID} we will return information about the user that is currently logged in. Checks if 2 users are friends or not. If you do not pass the #{USER_ID} we will return information about the user that is currently logged in. a link on {parent_full_name}'s wall.]]> Birthday Notification Happy Birthday! Confirm Remove This Request Save Changes Friends Only ProfileWith this setting enabled only friends can view each others profiles.
Note this will override your users privacy settings and force anything related to viewing their profile and have it set to "Friends Only".
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