friend 0 integer friend_suggestion_search_total setting_friend_suggestion_search_total 1 2.0.0rc12 50 friend 0 boolean enable_friend_suggestion setting_enable_friend_suggestion 1 2.0.0rc12 0 friend 0 integer friend_suggestion_timeout setting_friend_suggestion_timeout 1 2.0.0rc12 1440 friend 0 boolean friend_suggestion_user_based setting_friend_suggestion_user_based 1 2.0.0rc12 0 friend 2.0.0rc12 setting_friend_suggestion_search_total 1260554251 Friends Suggestion Friends Check CountWhen performing the search to find friend suggestions for your members it will pull out X amount of users, where X is the numerical value of how many friends to search.]]> friend 2.0.0rc12 setting_enable_friend_suggestion 1260554523 Friend SuggestionsEnable this if you want to suggest friends to your members when they visit their dashboard. You can control the search criteria on what defines a friend to suggest. This feature requires a lot of extra server resources in order to perform such a search. Each search result is cached for X minutes (where you can control X). Notice: This feature is experimental and is not stable. ]]> friend 2.0.0rc12 setting_friend_suggestion_timeout 1260554689 Refresh Friend SuggestionsDefine how long to wait till we run the search to find friends to suggest to a member in minutes.]]> friend 2.0.0rc12 setting_friend_suggestion_user_based 1260729076 Check Location for Friend SuggestionsEnable this option in order for us to pick up friend suggestions for your members based on the Country, State/Province and City they live in.]]> friend 2.0.0rc12 we_are_unable_to_find_any_friends_to_suggest_at_this_time_once_we_do_you_will_be_notified_within_our_dashboard 1260879935 We are unable to find any friends to suggest at this time. Once we do you will be notified within our Dashboard. friend 2.0.0rc12 finding_another_suggestion 1260879983 Finding another suggestion... friend 2.0.0rc12 hide_this_suggestion 1260880006 Hide this suggestion friend 2.0.0rc12 friend 1260880732 Friend friend 2.0.0rc12 hide 1260893725 Hide 0 profile.index friend profile.small 1 1 1 1 <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>profile.index</m_connection> <module_id>friend</module_id> <component>mutual-friend</component> <location>1</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>6</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>1</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>core.index-member</m_connection> <module_id>friend</module_id> <component>suggestion</component> <location>1</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>3</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>1</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> </phpfox_update_blocks> <update_templates> <file type="block">request.html.php</file> <file type="block">suggestion.html.php</file> <file type="block">search.html.php</file> </update_templates> </upgrade>