friend 2.0.0rc3 your_message_has_been_sent 1254550634 Your message has been sent. friend 2.0.0rc3 friend_request_successfully_sent 1254550663 Friend request successfully sent. friend 2.0.0rc3 you_have_reached_your_limit 1254550681 You have reached your limit. friend 2.0.0rc3 done 1254550703 Done! friend 2.0.0rc3 top_friends 1254550718 Top Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 remove_from_your_top_friends_list 1254550733 Remove from your Top Friends List friend 2.0.0rc3 add_to_your_top_friends_list 1254550749 Add to your Top Friends List friend 2.0.0rc3 friends_successfully_moved 1254550769 Friends successfully moved. friend 2.0.0rc3 friend_successfully_removed 1254550786 Friend successfully removed. friend 2.0.0rc3 friend_lists 1254550824 Friend Lists friend 2.0.0rc3 view_all 1254550842 View All friend 2.0.0rc3 friends 1254550849 Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 birthdays 1254550868 Birthdays friend 2.0.0rc3 my_friends 1254550887 My Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 change_my_top_friends 1254550899 friend 2.0.0rc3 search_friends 1254550982 Search Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 invalid_friend_list 1254550997 Invalid friend list. friend 2.0.0rc3 successfully_deleted 1254551010 Successfully deleted. friend 2.0.0rc3 birthday_e_cards 1254551129 Birthday E-Cards friend 2.0.0rc3 friends_request_successfully_deleted 1254551143 Friends request successfully deleted. friend 2.0.0rc3 pending_friend_requests 1254551152 Pending Friend Requests friend 2.0.0rc3 user_link_has_closed_their_friends_section 1254551184 {user_link} has closed their friends section. friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_s_friends 1254551220 friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_is_on_site_title_and_has_total_friends 1254551268 {full_name} is on {site_title} and has {total} friends. friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_is_connected_with_friends 1254551367 {full_name} is connected with {friends}. friend 2.0.0rc3 sign_up_on_site_title_and_connect_with_full_name_message_full_name_or_add_full_name_as_you 1254551424 Sign up on {site_title} and connect with {full_name}, message {full_name}, or add {full_name} as your friend. friend 2.0.0rc3 not_a_valid_user_to_be_friends_with 1254551557 Not a valid user to be friends with. friend 2.0.0rc3 you_are_already_friends_with_this_user 1254551569 You are already friends with this user. friend 2.0.0rc3 friends_request 1254551577 Friends Request friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_added_you_as_a_friend_on_site_title 1254551799 {full_name} added you as a friend on {site_title}. friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_added_you_as_a_friend_on_site_title_to_confirm_this_friend_request 1254551886 {link}]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 no_friends_requests 1254552073 No friends requests. friend 2.0.0rc3 friend_requests_total 1254552168 {total})]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 viewer_image_you_and_owner_image_a_href_user_link_full_name_a_are_now_friends 1254552868 {full_name} are now friends.]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 owner_image_you_and_viewer_image_a_href_friend_link_friend_a_are_now_friends 1254553038 {friend} are now friends.]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 owner_image_a_href_user_link_full_name_a_and_viewer_image 1254553166 {full_name} and {viewer_image}{friend} are now friends.]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 owner_image_a_href_user_link_full_name_a_and_viewer_image_friends 1254553354 {full_name} and {viewer_image}{friend} are now friends.]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 new_friend 1254553816 New Friend friend 2.0.0rc3 friend_request 1254553828 Friend Request friend 2.0.0rc3 user_link_wished_you_a_happy_birthday 1254553960 {user_link} wished you a happy birthday. friend 2.0.0rc3 view_friends 1254554017 View Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 user_link_asked_to_be_your_friend 1254554055 {user_link} asked to be your friend. friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_confirmed_you_as_a_friend_on_site_title 1254554280 {full_name} confirmed you as a friend on {site_title}. friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_confirmed_you_as_a_friend_on_site_title_to_view_their_profile 1254554372 {link}]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_wishes_you_a_happy_birthday_on_site_title 1254554565 {full_name} wishes you a happy birthday on {site_title}. friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_wrote_to_congratulate_you_on_your_birthday_on_site_title 1254554691 {link}]]> friend 2.0.0rc3 adding_new_list 1254555159 Adding New List friend 2.0.0rc3 updating 1254555393 Updating friend 2.0.0rc3 delete 1254555443 Delete friend 2.0.0rc3 update 1254555489 Update friend 2.0.0rc3 cancel 1254555500 Cancel friend 2.0.0rc3 add 1254555571 Add friend 2.0.0rc3 total_friend 1254555603 {total} friend friend 2.0.0rc3 total_friends 1254555625 {total} friends friend 2.0.0rc3 friend_requests 1254555646 Friend Requests friend 2.0.0rc3 you_are_now_friends_with_user_link 1254555668 You are now friends with {user_link}. friend 2.0.0rc3 add_to_a_friend_list 1254555697 Add to a friend list... friend 2.0.0rc3 lists 1254555705 Lists... friend 2.0.0rc3 create_a_new_list 1254555714 Create a New List... friend 2.0.0rc3 create 1254555726 Create friend 2.0.0rc3 show_all_lists 1254555738 Show all lists... friend 2.0.0rc3 user_link_wrote 1254555754 {user_link} wrote friend 2.0.0rc3 accept 1254555772 Accept friend 2.0.0rc3 deny 1254555781 Deny friend 2.0.0rc3 no_birthdays_coming_up 1254555795 No birthdays coming up. friend 2.0.0rc3 birthday_e_card 1254555804 Birthday E-Card friend 2.0.0rc3 send_a_birthday_e_card_to_full_name 1254555861 Send a Birthday E-Card to {full_name}. friend 2.0.0rc3 send_full_name_a_message 1254555898 Send {full_name} a message. friend 2.0.0rc3 1_day 1254555928 1 Day friend 2.0.0rc3 today 1254555938 Today! friend 2.0.0rc3 days_left_days 1254555973 {days_left} days friend 2.0.0rc3 message_optional 1254556056 Message (Optional) friend 2.0.0rc3 send_e_card 1254556071 Send E-Card friend 2.0.0rc3 view_friends_online 1254556091 View Friends Online friend 2.0.0rc3 edit_top_friends 1254556100 Edit Top Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 find_friends_by_name_or_email 1254556120 Find friends by name or email. friend 2.0.0rc3 you_have_not_added_any_friends_yet 1254556181 You have not added any friends yet. friend 2.0.0rc3 search_for_friends 1254556193 Search For Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 browse_members 1254556202 Browse Members friend 2.0.0rc3 you_have_already_asked_full_name_to_be_your_friend 1254556237 You have already asked {full_name} to be your friend. friend 2.0.0rc3 full_name_has_already_asked_to_be_your_friend 1254556259 {full_name} has already asked to be your friend. friend 2.0.0rc3 would_you_like_to_accept_their_request_to_be_friends 1254556278 Would you like to accept their request to be friends? friend 2.0.0rc3 yes 1254556286 Yes friend 2.0.0rc3 no 1254556293 No friend 2.0.0rc3 cannot_add_yourself_as_a_friend 1254556307 Cannot add yourself as a friend. friend 2.0.0rc3 you_are_already_friends_with_full_name 1254556331 You are already friends with {full_name}. friend 2.0.0rc3 user_link_will_have_to_confirm_that_you_are_friends 1254556356 {user_link} will have to confirm that you are friends. friend 2.0.0rc3 add_a_personal_message 1254556374 Add a personal message... friend 2.0.0rc3 add_a_personal_message_form 1254556394 Add a personal message friend 2.0.0rc3 write_your_message_within_250_characters 1254556417 Write your message within 250 characters. friend 2.0.0rc3 add_friend 1254556495 Add Friend friend 2.0.0rc3 search_by_email_full_name_or_user_name 1254556510 Search by email, full name or user name. friend 2.0.0rc3 view 1254556536 View friend 2.0.0rc3 all_friends 1254556543 All Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 online_friends 1254556558 Online Friends friend 2.0.0rc3 friends_list 1254556572 Friends List friend 2.0.0rc3 find 1254557017 Find friend 2.0.0rc3 sorry_no_friends_were_found 1254557169 Sorry, no friends were found. friend 2.0.0rc3 use_selected 1254557181 Use Selected friend 2.0.0rc3 save 1254557202 Save friend 2.0.0rc3 use_this_image_to_add_friends_to_your_top_friends_list 1254557295 friend 2.0.0rc3 select 1254557351 Select friend 2.0.0rc3 none 1254557390 None friend 2.0.0rc3 all 1254557396 All friend 2.0.0rc3 move_to_list 1254557409 Move to List... friend 2.0.0rc3 message 1254557436 Message friend 2.0.0rc3 age 1254557449 Age friend 2.0.0rc3 gender 1254557455 Gender friend 2.0.0rc3 location 1254557461 Location friend 2.0.0rc3 remove_from_top 1254557493 Remove from Top friend 2.0.0rc3 add_to_top 1254557503 Add to Top friend 2.0.0rc3 toggle 1254557513 Toggle friend 2.0.0rc3 no_friends 1254557568 No friends. friend 2.0.0rc3 no_birthday_messages_found 1254557746 No birthday messages found. friend 2.0.0rc3 remove_this_friends_request 1254557759 Remove this friends request. friend 2.0.0rc3 user_link_has_not_added_any_friends 1254557823 {user_link} has not added any friends. friend 2.0.0rc3 browse_other_members 1254557841 Browse Other Members friend 2.0.0rc3 in_order_to_view_this_item_posted_by_user_link_you_need_to_be_on_their_friends_list 1254557859 In order to view this item posted by {user_link} you need to be on their friends list. friend 2.0.0rc3 send_a_friends_request_to_full_name 1254557950 Send a Friends Request to {full_name} friend 2.0.0rc3 thank_you_for_your_request_to_join_our_group_your_membership_will_first_have_to_be_approved 1254558818 Thank you for your request to join our group. Your membership will first have to be approved. friend 2.0.0rc3 successfully_deleted_the_group 1254558846 Successfully deleted the group. friend 2.0.0rc3 group_invitation_successfully_sent 1254558860 Group invitation successfully sent! friend 2.0.0beta4 setting_birthdays_cache_time_out 1245154442 Birthdays Cache Time OutShowing your friend's birthdays in the dashboard has a cost in database calls, therefore we cache it to save time and avoid extra calls. This setting tells how often should the cache be refreshed, its set in hours so if you set it to 5 it means that every 5 hours the list of friends whose birthday is coming soon will be refreshed. This is helpful for new sign ups whose birthday is within 1 day. This setting complements days_to_check_for_birthday and is useless if enable_birthday_notices is disabled.]]> index.html.php request.html.php mybirthday.html.php profile.html.php pending.html.php top.html.php menu.html.php request.html.php congratulate.html.php setting.html.php mini.html.php birthday.html.php search.html.php accept.html.php