group 2.0.0rc3 thank_you_for_your_request_to_join_our_group_your_membership_will_first_have_to_be_approved 1254558874 Thank you for your request to join our group. Your membership will first have to be approved. group 2.0.0rc3 successfully_deleted_the_group 1254558895 Successfully deleted the group. group 2.0.0rc3 group_invitation_successfully_sent 1254558906 Group invitation successfully sent! group 2.0.0rc3 successfully_accepted_the_group_invitation 1254558925 Successfully accepted the group invitation. group 2.0.0rc3 successfully_denied_the_group_invitation 1254558942 Successfully denied the group invitation. group 2.0.0rc3 admins 1254558960 Admins group 2.0.0rc3 category 1254558971 Category group 2.0.0rc3 sub_category 1254558978 Sub-Category group 2.0.0rc3 browse_filter 1254558989 Browse Filter group 2.0.0rc3 basic_info 1254559006 Basic Info group 2.0.0rc3 members 1254559024 Members group 2.0.0rc3 view_more 1254559033 View More group 2.0.0rc3 not_responded 1254559056 Not Responded group 2.0.0rc3 pending_approval 1254559065 Pending Approval group 2.0.0rc3 popular_groups 1254559264 Popular Groups group 2.0.0rc3 my_groups 1254559282 My Groups group 2.0.0rc3 category_successfully_updated 1254561683 Category successfully updated. group 2.0.0rc3 category_successfully_added 1254561738 Category successfully added. group 2.0.0rc3 edit_a_category 1254561752 Edit a Category group 2.0.0rc3 create_a_new_category 1254561764 Create a New Category group 2.0.0rc3 category_order_successfully_updated 1254561780 Category order successfully updated. group 2.0.0rc3 category_successfully_deleted 1254561789 Category successfully deleted. group 2.0.0rc3 manage_categories 1254561801 Manage Categories group 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_name_for_this_group 1254561821 Provide a name for this group. group 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_location_for_this_group 1254561832 Provide a location for this group. group 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_short_description_for_this_group 1254561841 Provide a short description for this group. group 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_description_for_this_group 1254561850 Provide a description for this group. group 2.0.0rc3 zip_postal_code_is_invalid 1254561859 ZIP/Postal code is invalid. group 2.0.0rc3 successfully_invited_people_to_this_group 1254561869 Successfully invited people to this group. group 2.0.0rc3 successfully_customized_this_group 1254561877 Successfully customized this group. group 2.0.0rc3 group_successfully_updated 1254561896 Group successfully updated. group 2.0.0rc3 group_successfully_added 1254561905 Group successfully added. group 2.0.0rc3 edit_group 1254561915 Edit Group group 2.0.0rc3 create_new_group 1254561932 Create New Group group 2.0.0rc3 group_successfully_deleted 1254561959 Group successfully deleted. group 2.0.0rc3 groups 1254561968 Groups group 2.0.0rc3 date_added 1254562016 Date Added group 2.0.0rc3 most_popular 1254562247 Most Popular group 2.0.0rc3 name 1254562254 Name group 2.0.0rc3 groups_i_ve_created 1254562269 group 2.0.0rc3 all_my_group_memberships 1254562279 All My Group Memberships group 2.0.0rc3 my_invites 1254562287 My Invites group 2.0.0rc3 the_group_you_are_looking_for_does_not_exist_or_has_been_removed 1254562311 The group you are looking for does not exist or has been removed. group 2.0.0rc3 you_have_successfully_joined_this_group 1254562554 You have successfully joined this group. group 2.0.0rc3 you_have_successfully_left_this_group 1254562563 You have successfully left this group. group 2.0.0rc3 home 1254562573 Home group 2.0.0rc3 this_group_is_open_only_to_its_members 1254562588 This group is open only to its members. group 2.0.0rc3 customize_group 1254562600 Customize Group group 2.0.0rc3 no_users_have_joined_this_group 1254562612 No users have joined this group. group 2.0.0rc3 select 1254562759 Select group 2.0.0rc3 select_a_sub_category 1254562768 Select a Sub-Category group 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_category_name 1254562801 Provide a category name. group 2.0.0rc3 invalid_callback_on_the_group 1254562860 Invalid callback on the group. group 2.0.0rc3 full_name_left_you_a_comment_on_site_title 1254562886 {full_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. group 2.0.0rc3 full_name_left_you_a_comment_on_your_group_title 1254562955 {link}]]> group 2.0.0rc3 on_name_s_group 1254563045 group 2.0.0rc3 you_are_not_allowed_to_add_an_event_to_this_group 1254563081 You are not allowed to add an event to this group. group 2.0.0rc3 you_are_not_allowed_to_post_within_the_forums_of_this_group 1254563094 You are not allowed to post within the forums of this group. group 2.0.0rc3 you_are_not_allowed_to_upload_photos_to_this_group 1254563106 You are not allowed to upload photos to this group. group 2.0.0rc3 you_are_not_allowed_to_upload_videos_to_this_group 1254563116 You are not allowed to upload videos to this group. group 2.0.0rc3 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_their_own_a_href_title_link_group 1254563307 {full_name} added a new comment on their own group.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_your_a_href_title_link_group_a 1254563401 {full_name} added a new comment on your group.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_a_href_item_user_link 1254563480 {full_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s group.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 a_href_user_link_owner_full_name_a_added_a_new_group_a_href_title_link_title_a 1254563590 {owner_full_name} added a new group "{title}".]]> group 2.0.0rc3 a_href_link_full_name_a_invited_you_to_a_group 1254567277 {full_name} invited you to a group.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 no_group_invites 1254567315 No group invites. group 2.0.0rc3 group_invites_total 1254567355 {total})]]> group 2.0.0rc3 view_members 1254567384 View Members group 2.0.0rc3 create_a_group 1254567406 Create a Group group 2.0.0rc3 manage_groups 1254567417 Manage Groups group 2.0.0rc3 group_description_text 1254567426 Group Description Text group 2.0.0rc3 full_name_invited_you_to_title 1254567528 {link}]]> group 2.0.0rc3 full_name_added_the_following_personal_message 1254567579 {full_name} added the following personal message group 2.0.0rc3 full_name_invited_you_to_the_group_title 1254567634 group 2.0.0rc3 full_name_invited_you_to_title_to_check_out_this_group 1254567817 {link}]]> group 2.0.0rc3 the_group_you_are_looking_for_does_not_exist 1254567869 The group you are looking for does not exist. group 2.0.0rc3 you_are_not_allowed_to_approve_members_for_this_group 1254567880 You are not allowed to approve members for this group. group 2.0.0rc3 group_membership_approved_title 1254567899 group 2.0.0rc3 your_membership_for_the_group_title_has_been_approved 1254567951 {link}]]> group 2.0.0rc3 title_has_a_new_member_pending_approval 1254568010 group 2.0.0rc3 full_name_has_joined_the_group_title_which_you_are_administrating 1254568063 {link}]]> group 2.0.0rc3 title_has_a_new_member 1254568119 group 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_leave_this_group_as_it_does_not_exist 1254568157 Unable to leave this group as it does not exist. group 2.0.0rc3 you_do_not_have_sufficient_permission_to_modify_this_group 1254568172 You do not have sufficient permission to modify this group. group 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_find_the_group_you_want_to_delete 1254568196 Unable to find the group you want to delete. group 2.0.0rc3 you_do_not_have_sufficient_permission_to_delete_this_listing 1254568206 You do not have sufficient permission to delete this listing. group 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_find_the_group 1254568222 Unable to find the group. group 2.0.0rc3 group_is_not_valid 1254568241 Group is not valid. group 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_add_the_user_as_an_admin 1254568250 Unable to add the user as an admin. group 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_category_this_group_will_belong_to 1254568260 Provide a category this group will belong to. group 2.0.0rc3 are_you_sure_this_will_delete_all_groups_that_belong_to_this_category_and_cannot_be_undone 1254568333 Are you sure? This will delete all groups that belong to this category and cannot be undone. group 2.0.0rc3 group_invites 1254568393 Group Invites group 2.0.0rc3 group_created_on_time_stamp_phrase_by_user_link_with_total_members_member_s 1254568972 Group created on {time_stamp_phrase} by {user_link} with {total_members} member(s). group 2.0.0rc3 accept 1254569072 Accept group 2.0.0rc3 deny 1254569080 Deny group 2.0.0rc3 creator 1254569134 Creator group 2.0.0rc3 keywords 1254569147 Keywords group 2.0.0rc3 location 1254569156 Location group 2.0.0rc3 city 1254569163 City group 2.0.0rc3 zip_postal_code 1254569495 Zip/Postal Code group 2.0.0rc3 sort 1254569502 Sort group 2.0.0rc3 submit 1254569509 Submit group 2.0.0rc3 reset 1254569519 Reset group 2.0.0rc3 founded_on 1254569537 Founded On group 2.0.0rc3 your_groups 1254569737 Your Groups group 2.0.0rc3 invite 1254569751 Invite group 2.0.0rc3 no_groups_available_for_this_user 1254569759 No groups available for this user. group 2.0.0rc3 create_a_new_group 1254569768 Create a New Group group 2.0.0rc3 approve_this_member_to_be_part_of_this_group 1254569785 Approve this member to be part of this group. group 2.0.0rc3 remove_this_person_from_the_group 1254569795 Remove this person from the group. group 2.0.0rc3 are_you_sure 1254569803 Are you sure? group 2.0.0rc3 add_this_person_as_an_admin_for_this_group 1254569815 Add this person as an Admin for this group. group 2.0.0rc3 remove_this_person_as_an_admin_for_this_group 1254569827 Remove this person as an Admin for this group. group 2.0.0rc3 no_members 1254569838 No members. group 2.0.0rc3 no_results 1254569844 No results. group 2.0.0rc3 leave_group 1254569856 Leave Group group 2.0.0rc3 join_group 1254569864 Join Group group 2.0.0rc3 manage_members 1254569886 Manage Members group 2.0.0rc3 contact_full_name_creator 1254569924 Contact {full_name} (Creator) group 2.0.0rc3 report_a_group 1254569965 Report a Group group 2.0.0rc3 report 1254569973 Report group 2.0.0rc3 delete_group 1254569983 Delete Group group 2.0.0rc3 feature_this_group 1254569998 Feature this Group group 2.0.0rc3 unfeature_this_group 1254570006 Unfeature this Group group 2.0.0rc3 no_groups_added_yet 1254570127 No groups added yet. group 2.0.0rc3 founded_on_time_stamp_with_a_href_link_1_member_a 1254570303 1 member.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 founded_on_time_stamp_with_no_members 1254570379 Founded on {time_stamp} with no members. group 2.0.0rc3 founded_on_time_stamp_with_a_href_link_total_member_members_a 1254570411 {total_member} members.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 group_category_details 1254570486 Group Category Details group 2.0.0rc3 parent_category 1254570501 Parent Category group 2.0.0rc3 edit 1254570533 Edit group 2.0.0rc3 delete 1254570539 Delete group 2.0.0rc3 categories 1254570545 Categories group 2.0.0rc3 update_order 1254570553 Update Order group 2.0.0rc3 view_this_group 1254570563 View This Group group 2.0.0rc3 skip_amp_view_this_group 1254570572 group 2.0.0rc3 step_1 1254570580 Step 1 group 2.0.0rc3 group_details 1254570589 Group Details group 2.0.0rc3 step_2 1254570602 Step 2 group 2.0.0rc3 customize 1254570608 Customize group 2.0.0rc3 step_3 1254570617 Step 3 group 2.0.0rc3 group_name 1254570653 Group Name group 2.0.0rc3 short_description 1254570663 Short Description group 2.0.0rc3 description 1254570671 Description group 2.0.0rc3 general_access 1254570700 General Access group 2.0.0rc3 open_anyone_can_join_and_see_group_data 1254570709 Open (Anyone can join and see group data.) group 2.0.0rc3 closed_admins_must_approve_members_before_they_can_join_anyone_can_see_group_description_however 1254570719 Closed (Admins must approve members before they can join. Anyone can see group description, however only members can see remaining blocks.) group 2.0.0rc3 secret_group_will_not_appear_anywhere_membership_is_by_invite_only_and_only_members_can_see_any_da 1254570729 Secret (Group will not appear anywhere. Membership is by invite only and only members can see any data related to the group.) group 2.0.0rc3 allow_members_and_non_members 1254570943 Allow members and non-members. group 2.0.0rc3 allow_only_members 1254570952 Allow only members. group 2.0.0rc3 allow_only_admins 1254570959 Allow only admins. group 2.0.0rc3 save 1254570968 Save group 2.0.0rc3 create_group 1254570977 Create Group group 2.0.0rc3 group_photo 1254570986 Group Photo group 2.0.0rc3 click_here_to_delete_this_image_and_upload_a_new_one 1254571158 here to delete this image and upload a new one in its place.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 you_can_upload_a_jpg_gif_or_png_file 1254571269 You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. group 2.0.0rc3 the_file_size_limit_is_limit 1254571286 The file size limit is {limit}. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller picture. group 2.0.0rc3 invite_friends 1254571338 Invite Friends group 2.0.0rc3 invite_people_via_email 1254571351 Invite People via Email group 2.0.0rc3 separate_multiple_emails_with_a_comma 1254571359 Separate multiple emails with a comma. group 2.0.0rc3 add_a_personal_message 1254571368 Add a Personal Message group 2.0.0rc3 send_invitations 1254571376 Send Invitations group 2.0.0rc3 guest_list 1254571387 Guest List group 2.0.0rc3 featured 1254572147 Featured group 2.0.0rc3 founded_on_time_stamp_with_span_id_js_group_member_count_group_id_no_span_members 1254573236 no members.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 founded_on_time_stamp_with_link_1_members 1254573352 1 member.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 founded_on_time_stamp_with_a_href_link_span_id_js_group_member_count_group_id_total_mem 1254573470 {total_member} members.]]> group 2.0.0rc3 feature 1254573502 Feature group 2.0.0rc3 unfeature 1254573511 Unfeature group 2.0.0rc3 no_groups_have_been_created 1254573562 No groups have been created. group 2.0.0rc3 be_the_first_to_create_a_group 1254573569 Be the first to create a group. group 2.0.0rc3 you_have_been_invited_to_join_this_private_group 1254573603 You have been invited to join this private group. group 2.0.0rc3 accept_this_invite_and_join_the_group 1254573616 Accept this invite and join the group. group 2.0.0rc3 cancel_this_invite 1254573626 Cancel this invite. group 2.0.0rc3 leave_the_invite_and_let_me_check_on_other_groups_first 1254573634 Leave the invite and let me check on other groups first. group 2.0.0rc3 this_group_is_closed_and_only_members_that_are_invited_can_join_this_group 1254573641 This group is closed and only members that are invited can join this group. group 2.0.0rc3 your_membership_to_this_group_is_pending_approval 1254573655 Your membership to this group is pending approval. group 2.0.0rc3 cant_leave_group_only_delete 1254833871 You are not allowed to leave your own group. Instead you can delete it. index.html.php secret.html.php view.html.php add.html.php menu.html.php info.html.php admin.html.php list.html.php filter.html.php accept.html.php profile.html.php invite.html.php