group 2.0.5 user_setting_can_sponsor_group 1269953518 Can members of this user group mark groups as sponsor? group 2.0.5 sponsor 1269953806 Sponsor group 2.0.5 unsponsor 1269953819 Unsponsor group 2.0.5 sponsored_group 1270023390 Sponsored Group group 2.0.5 user_setting_can_purchase_sponsor 1271075391 Can members of this user group purchase a sponsored ad space? group 2.0.5 sponsor_help 1271148206 group 2.0.5 encourage_sponsor 1271150296 Sponsor your Groups group 2.0.5 user_setting_group_sponsor_price 1271857417 How much is the sponsor space worth for groups? This works in a CPM basis. group 2.0.5 sponsor_error_privacy 1271944677 Your group is not public, sponsoring conflicts with its privacy settings. group 2.0.5 sponsor_error_owner 1271944774 Only the group creator or an administrator can sponsor groups. group 2.0.5 sponsor_error_not_found 1271944830 The group you are trying to sponsor is not available. group 2.0.5 sponsor_title 1271944878 Group: {sGroupTitle} group 2.0.5 sponsor_paypal_message 1271944943 Payment for the sponsor space of group: {sGroupTitle} group 2.0.5 user_setting_auto_publish_sponsored_item 1272007153 After the user has purchased a sponsored space, should the group be published right away? If set to false, the admin will have to approve each new purchased sponsored group space before it is shown in the site. group 2.0.5 group_successfully_sponsored 1272453463 Group successfully sponsored group 2.0.5 group_successfully_un_sponsored 1272453527 Group successfully unsponsored group 2.0.5 group_invite_count 1273230500 Group Invite Count 0 group boolean false false false true group 0 can_sponsor_group 0 group boolean false false false false group 0 can_purchase_sponsor 0 group string null null null null group 0 group_sponsor_price 0 group boolean true false false false group 0 auto_publish_sponsored_item group service group group.service_process_sponsor__end 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 group template group group.template_default_controller_view_extra_info 1274286148 2.0.5dev1 group sponsored group 0 1 1 0 invite.index group sponsored 1 1 1 0 <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>group.index</m_connection> <module_id>group</module_id> <component>sponsored</component> <location>1</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>1</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> </blocks> <phpfox_update_blocks> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>group.index</m_connection> <module_id>group</module_id> <component>filter</component> <location>1</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>3</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>group.index</m_connection> <module_id>group</module_id> <component>category</component> <location>1</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>2</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>group.index</m_connection> <module_id>group</module_id> <component>popular</component> <location>1</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>4</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> </phpfox_update_blocks> <sql><![CDATA[a:2:{s:11:"ALTER_FIELD";a:1:{s:12:"phpfox_group";a:1:{s:10:"image_path";a:4:{i:0;s:8:"VCHAR:75";i:1;N;i:2;s:0:"";i:3;s:3:"YES";}}}s:9:"ADD_FIELD";a:1:{s:12:"phpfox_group";a:1:{s:10:"is_sponsor";a:4:{i:0;s:6:"TINT:1";i:1;s:1:"0";i:2;s:0:"";i:3;s:2:"NO";}}}}]]></sql> <update_templates> <file type="controller">view.html.php</file> <file type="controller">index.html.php</file> <file type="block">menu.html.php</file> </update_templates> <update_styles> <file type="module">profile.css</file> </update_styles> </upgrade>