group 2.0.5dev1 user_setting_approve_groups 1274941412 Approve groups before they are publicly displayed? group 2.0.5dev1 this_group_is_pending_an_admins_approval 1274941602 This group is pending an Admins approval. group 2.0.5dev1 user_setting_can_approve_groups 1274943313 Can approve pending groups? group 2.0.5dev1 this_group_is_still_pending_an_admins_approval_and_this_feature_cannot_be_used_yet 1274943488 This group is still pending an Admins approval and this feature cannot be used yet. group 2.0.5dev1 approve 1274944601 Approve group 2.0.5dev1 group_approved_on_site_title 1274945364 Group Approved on {site_title} group 2.0.5dev1 your_group_group_title_on_site_title 1274945423 {link}]]> group 2.0.5dev1 this_group_is_still_pending_an_admins_approval 1274945709 This group is still pending an Admins approval. Once it has been approved you will be able to invite people to join your group. group 2.0.5dev1 approve_group 1274946040 Approve Group group 2.0.5dev1 group_successfully_approved 1274946152 Group successfully approved. group 2.0.5dev2 user_setting_flood_control_groups 1275106749 group 2.0.5dev2 you_are_creating_another_group_a_little_too_soon 1275106853 You are creating another group a little too soon. 0 group boolean 0 0 0 0 group 0 approve_groups 0 group boolean 1 0 0 1 group 0 can_approve_groups 0 group integer 0 0 0 0 group 0 flood_control_groups add.html.php view.html.php index.html.php