invite phpfox 0 1 0 module_invite 7 9 1 1 Invite Invite Pending Invitations Invite Friends Expire invites timeoutHow many days is an invite valid for? Note: this relies on cookies.]]> How Many Pendings To ShowThis tells how many pending invites to show per page.]]> Check Duplicate InvitesDo you want the site to check for duplicate invites before sending mail invites? This can avoid spamming (userA, userB and userC know personA, they all 3 send an invite so personA receives 3 emails) but can also slow down a little the process]]> Make invited users friends with their hostWhen a user invites aPerson and aPerson becomes a member, should they be made friends right then?]]> How many points the invitee and the inviter will receive upon a successfully request. Find Friends {full_name} invites you to {site_title}. {link}]]> Invite(s) were not sent due to that the email(s) were invalid or you have already sent an invitation to the email(s). Your friends have successfully been invited. Invite your Friends Invitation deleted. Invitation not found. Pending Invitations Search by name or email. Search Skip This Step You have successfully sent an invitation to Your friend will automatically be added to your friends list when they join! {title}.]]> Email your Friends Subject From To {full_name} invites you to {title}. Separate multiple emails with a comma. Send Invitation(s) Send a Custom Invitation Link Send friends your custom invitation link by copy and pasting it into your own email application. When your friend joins Select None All Delete There are no pending invitations. Invites The following emails were not sent You have already invited Not a valid email Successfully removed invites. Moderation Unable to find your invitation. This email is already registered within our community. points_invite