invite 2.0.0rc4 find_friends 1254984401 Find Friends invite 2.0.0rc4 full_name_invites_you_to_site_title 1254984544 {full_name} invites you to {site_title}. invite 2.0.0rc4 full_name_invites_you_to_site_title_link 1254984752 {link}]]> invite 2.0.0rc4 invite_s_were_not_sent_due_to_that_the_email_s 1254984797 Invite(s) were not sent due to that the email(s) were invalid or you have already sent an invitation to the email(s). invite 2.0.0rc4 your_friends_have_successfully_been_invited 1254984809 Your friends have successfully been invited. invite 2.0.0rc4 invite_your_friends 1254984820 Invite your Friends invite 2.0.0rc4 invitation_deleted 1254984836 Invitation deleted. invite 2.0.0rc4 invitation_not_found 1254984843 Invitation not found. invite 2.0.0rc4 pending_invitations 1254984862 Pending Invitations invite 2.0.0rc4 search_by_name_or_email 1254984970 Search by name or email. invite 2.0.0rc4 search 1254984979 Search invite 2.0.0rc4 skip_this_step 1255000683 Skip This Step invite 2.0.0rc4 you_have_successfully_sent_an_invitation_to 1255000692 You have successfully sent an invitation to invite 2.0.0rc4 your_friend_will_automatically_be_added_to_your_friends_list_when_they_join 1255000702 Your friend will automatically be added to your friends list when they join! invite 2.0.0rc4 invite_your_friends_to_b_title_b 1255000903 {title}.]]> invite 2.0.0rc4 email_your_friends 1255000927 Email your Friends invite 2.0.0rc4 subject 1255000934 Subject invite 2.0.0rc4 from 1255000941 From invite 2.0.0rc4 to 1255000951 To invite 2.0.0rc4 full_name_invites_you_to_title 1255000987 {full_name} invites you to {title}. invite 2.0.0rc4 separate_multiple_emails_with_a_comma 1255001011 Separate multiple emails with a comma. invite 2.0.0rc4 send_invitation_s 1255001022 Send Invitation(s) invite 2.0.0rc4 send_a_custom_invitation_link 1255001031 Send a Custom Invitation Link invite 2.0.0rc4 send_friends_your_custom_invitation_link_by_copy_and_pasting_it_into_your_own_email_application 1255001053 Send friends your custom invitation link by copy and pasting it into your own email application. When your friend joins invite 2.0.0rc4 select 1255001064 Select invite 2.0.0rc4 none 1255001072 None invite 2.0.0rc4 all 1255001078 All invite 2.0.0rc4 delete 1255001085 Delete invite 2.0.0rc4 there_are_no_pending_invitations 1255009666 There are no pending invitations. index.html.php invitations.html.php find.html.php