mail phpfox 0 1 0 module_mail M j, g:i a 0 0 1 1 30 20 1 1 0 10 2 1 0 1 0 cronDeleteMessages();]]> Compose Mail {user} wrote on {time}]]> Add new Folder... Adding new folder Invalid message. Add a reply. Message Adding message. Reply Send Folders Edit Folders Inbox Sent Messages Trash Add Update Cancel Delete View Folders Move to folder cancel.]]> Default Custom Select Undelete Mark as Read Mark as Unread None Read Unread All To Re No messages. Message(s) updated. Message(s) deleted. Search Inbox Invalid box. Message successfully deleted. Message(s) successfully moved. Folders can only contain alphanumeric characters, limit of 255 characters and the following symbols: _- Folder is already in use. Compose New Message Subject Provide a user or email. Provide a subject for your message. Provide a message. Your message was successfully sent to the following users Not a member. Cannot send a message to yourself. and Can compose messages to another users? Can add custom folders? Show inbox, sentbox and deletebox item countIf enabled will display the mail count totals in each folder, i.e.: inbox (2) sentbox (6) delete (10)]]> When enabled shows how many messages are in the inbox, sentbox and deletebox of every profile. Note that this adds extra queries to your database. Display Total Mail CountSet to True if you would like to display the number of new messages a user has beside the main "Mail" link found in the main menu by default. Notice: This will add an extra SQL query.]]> Can add attachments? This setting tells how many messages can be stored based on the user group. It is complemented by the setting override_mail_box_limit to allow administrators and staff members to store any number of messages. This setting tells if members of this user group can overcome the limit imposed by the setting mail_box_limit. By default only administrators and staff members can have unlimited messages stored. This setting tells if the user can only send messages to people in his/her friends list. This setting controls if members of this user group can send messages to themselves. When users are about to use all their allowed mail space a warning will be shown. This setting tells what percentage of their mail capacity must be used before showing this warning. Set it to zero to never show a warning. Show Warning When Approaching Maibox LimitThis setting overrides the user group setting 'mail.mail_box_warning'. If this setting is disabled no warning will be shown regardless of whats set in mail.mail_box_warning.]]> All(24)]]> Auto Delete Old MailThis setting enables or disables the auto deletion of old messages. You can set how old a message should be to be deleted in the setting mail.message_age_to_delete. You can set how often to run this job in the setting mail.cron_delete_messages_delay.]]> Auto Delete Messages DelayThis setting tells how often (in days) will the auto deleter remove old messages.]]> An Old Message Is...This setting tells how old a message must be in (in days) order to be auto deleted. This setting is directly dependent on mail.enable_cron_delete_old_mail.]]> Delete Sent MailWhen a user cancels their account should the system delete the sent messages? This affects the other user's received messages list and is enabled by default.]]> Can members of this user group read private messages in your site? Enable Captcha when composing messages. Spam Check Internal PMSpam Check Internal PM]]> PM Hash CheckIf enabled this will check if the last X messages sent in the last Y minutes are identical to the message being set. Notice: X & Y are settings that can be changed.]]> PM Messages to CheckIf the setting to check if PM's are identical you can see here how many messages in the past should be checked.]]> PM Minutes to Wait Unilt Next CheckIf the setting to check if PM's are identical you can set here how far back we should check in minutes.]]> Show Preview MessageIf enabled, users will see a short version of their messages.]]> This value restricts sending private messages. It sets the maximum number of recipients when sending private messages, avoiding users to select way too many users and potentially spamming. Set to 0 for unlimited. Read Private Message Text All Members Featured Members Online Updated Name and Photo Only Name, Photo and Users Details Private Messages View Private Messages Unable to send a private message to this user at the moment. Select a member to send a message to. This message feels like SPAM. Try again. Mail No mail specified. Mail deleted successfully. Mail could not be deleted. Error you did not select any message. Mail folder does not exist. New Messages Compose Message 1 new message {total} new messages {user_link} sent you a message. Mail Text Too many users, this message was sent to the first {total} users. User has reached their inbox limit. You cannot message yourself. You can only message your friends. Not a valid message. {full_name} sent you a message on {site_title}. {link}]]> You will delete every message in this folder. Member Search Search within User Group Show Members Messages From Sent Read Message Delete Message Message Sender Message User Message Receiver Are you sure? No messages to show. Send a copy to myself. You can only send this message to {total} users. Messages {total} days old will be auto deleted. You have reached your mail box capacity and wont be able to receive any more mail until you free some space. You are approaching your mail box limit, currently at {total}%. When you reach 100% you wont be able to receive more mail. View Attachments You wrote to yourself at {time_stamp}. Preview You wrote to {user_name} at {time_stamp}. {user_name} wrote at {time_stamp}. {site} sent you a message. Mass message to Previous Newer Message Next Older Message Provide a name for your folder. You have reached your limit. Messages Viewing Private Message Private message from {time_stamp} between {owner} and {viewer}. Message not found. Report Report this message. Messages Compose No messages Unable to find any messages Select Recipient Select a recipient below Update Mail Count Updating Disallow Selecting Not Allowed RecipientsWhen this setting is enabled the script will run an extra check on each target user when selecting who will receive an internal mail. This helps the user selector to be more user friendly by not allowing to choose and write a message to someone who cannot receive it but at the same time it uses more resources and could slow down your site.]]> Processing batch {number} Batch {page_number} completed ({percentage}%) Use the exact user name Send from my own address ({sEmail}) Messages Send a New Message No new messages. See All Messages New Folder New Message Select Folder Folder successfully created. Create New Folder Delete This List Moderate Mark as Read Mark as Unread You No messages found here. Create a New Folder Search Messages... Latest Unread First Move This message was sent from {full_name} Actions Search friends by their name... Enter the name of your custom folder. Submit Your message was successfully sent {email_image} New Messages( {messages_number})
  • ]]> Get the total number of unseen messages. If you do not pass the #{USER_ID} we will return information about the user that is currently logged in. Folder successfully deleted. Message(s) successfully deleted. Update Message "Read" on Notification PreviewEnable this option to update the notification counter for new messages when a user previews the mail via the site wide mail notification icon.]]> Mail Threaded Mail ConversationEnable this option to display messages from 2 users as 1 conversation.]]> {link}]]> Unable to export your messages. Message has been read Forward Unable to find a conversation history with this user. Messages un-archived Messages archived Moderation Sent via a mobile device Message successfully archived. Message successfully unarchived. Archive Un-archive Export Unable to find the message you are trying to mark as read/unread. Unarchive You are currently viewing our legacy inbox. You are viewing a message that is from our legacy inbox. View More Custom Folders This message was sent to {full_name} This message was sent from you Legacy Inbox total_folders can_compose_message can_add_folders show_core_mail_folders_item_count can_add_attachment_on_mail mail_box_limit override_mail_box_limit restrict_message_to_friends can_message_self override_restrict_message_to_friends mail_box_warning allow_delete_every_message can_read_private_messages can_delete_others_messages enable_captcha_on_mail send_message_to_max_users_each_time